Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 25 Shrink Rap Posts for 2006

Here are the Top 25 posts for 2006, counting down from #25 to #1 (by page views, per Google Analytics). Of course, the older articles are more likely to make it to this list, as well as those which were well-linked (like #1, which has a link on Wikipedia). For what it's worth, the main blog page had 27,809 page views, with 9991 "absolute unique visitors" (I'm sure we had at least 9 more prior to installing Analytics, so I'm callin' it 10,000).

2597Put Down the Duckie: A Psychotherapeutic Study
2497What People Talk About In Therapy
2399Loose Associations
22104Freud set back Psychiatry 100 years
21106The Psychiatrist as Therapist
109I'm Still Thinking About Fat Doctor!
109No Show
114Suicidal Students
117SSRI Antidepressants & Violence
121Sex With Fish
15121Guinea Pigs Behind Bars
14130Sweet Dreams?
13131FDA Hearing on Antidepressants, Depression, and Suicide
12132On A Short Leash
11132Transference To The Blog
10144Roy: Reality Therapy Vlog: "PsychoTherapy 2.0"
160Peace and Lithium
164Roy: Psych Notes for Smilies
178"48 Hours" looks at Scientology: Saturday night at 10 EDT
6297Gummy Bears and Jail Babies
5307Off Label; In Jail
4426What To Get Your Psychiatrist For Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa
3503True Confessions
2596Out of the Office
1877Roy: Stopping the scourge of P.E.

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Sarebear said...

Well, now that dang Put down the duckie song is going through my head, again!!!

Loved that Transference post.

And what people talk about in therapy.

The smilies one, so funny! As well as P.E. . . . Lots of great ones on this list, but these are the ones off the top of my head I like.

There's some Clink-prison ones I really liked, but I'm not sure they are on this list. I'll haveta dig through them and rustle up a couple of Clink classics. Both prison theme and non (altho the latter might be a skimpy category, like your cobloggers rib you about!)

DrivingMissMolly said...


I'm really enjoying reading many of these top entries again, but, be honest. The purpose of posting the list was really to show off your #1 spot on it, right?

Your biggest fan ;)


Steve & Barb said...

You got my number.