Sunday, December 17, 2006

Simple Holiday Pleasures

What is the most important thing about Christmas?

Shiny Happy Person:
"Not murdering ones immediate family."


NeoNurseChic said...

Haha....perhaps it needs a slight adjustment to say "Not murdering ones immediate or extended family." No?

Just sayin.... ;)

Dinah said...

Hmmm, Roy, do you need guards at your house?

HP said...

Having one's family on the opposite side of the globe works well and is a little less extreme!

ClinkShrink said...

True healthpsych, but the shipping costs an arm and a leg...

Sarebear said...

I had a simple holiday pleasure today.

Waiting in the car w/my 8yo daughter (high-functioning autism, she still just seems to be retaining that sweet innocence of younger childhood, longer, very bright though, but not as sophisticated as other children, if you know what I mean by that).

ANYWAY! I delight in her delight in everything, and the ole Rudolph song came on the radio, and she starts singing with an innocent glee that I wish could be captured forever (which it has been, in my heart!). I joined in, and she'd also add the bits about "like LINColn", and "like Monopoly" for the history and games parts of the song.

I just really reveled in the moment and the beautiful spirit of childhood that she just epitomizes for me, although I need to be wary of not idealizing her or too many expectations, but still, she is just such a beautiful person, and moments like this really are a gift from God, to me.

This is when being a mother is the bestest thing in the whole world.