Sunday, December 31, 2006

To A Euthymic 2007

Now what does that mean?
Posting from my vacation, regular blogging to resume soon.

To ClinkShrink & Roy and to all our friends in the blogosphere:
Wishing you a happy, healthy (physically & mentally!) New Year!


Sarebear said...

Happy New Year to you all. Enjoying an enthusiastic (on my 8yo dd's part, I'm sick as a dog (sorry Max!) New Year's Eve.

At least I almost went the year w/out getting the flu, but this puppy just won't quit (sorry for the dog reference again, Max!!)

Can you say, school is back in session in two days? I love my daughter, but I need some ME time! Plus, she was sick the whole break. No fun for little Fabio . . . (channeling my inner Dory - yes, my memory is spotty at times, altho not THAT bad, hee hee!)

From Dogs to Fish. That'd make a good post title, though not as provocative as sex with fish, lol!!

Happy Merry!


Anonymous said...

Dinah - No flippin' way! hahaha! We really were/are in the same place! I'm staying in Redondo right now. You took a picture of my home and old hangout (the HB pier). I was actually planning to head down to that pier tomorrow. Oh, the memories. **sigh** If I wasn't there/here right now, this picture would have really depressed me. haha! I hope you're enjoying the nice weather like I am. :-) I'm crossing my fingers that our neck of the woods gets their worst winter weather while I'm gone. I miss SoCal!

If you're still vacationing here and want any suggestions for some REALLY good food, let me know. I can give some great recommendations.

BTW...why didn't you take a picture from the other end so that everyone could see the pier and ocean? It's much nicer than looking up Pier Ave. :-P

Happy New Year!

Patient Anonymous said...

"To a Euthymic 2007"

That's actually quite funny. I think I'm going to wish it to everyone I see. They'll think I'm nuts (if they even understand the term.)

That's okay. I am. Nuts that is.

Well, I'm feeling pretty euthymic at the moment too.