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My Three Shrinks Podcast 4: Gifts

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Today's podcast was recorded at the same time as #3 (Wii Three Bobo Dolls), and is much more rambling than usual (though we actually did have a list of topics, many of which were related to other bloggers' recent posts).
I edited out Dinah's recording of the Red Sox' 2004 victory, but I'll put it in the next one if folks want to hear it (it's on her keychain).

December 31, 2006: Gifts
Topics include:

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Sarebear said...

I'm listening to it, and only partway through, so maybe you guys get to this or not, but there's a convention I've recently read about, that docs and emergency personnel WANT to become a standard thing that people do:

In your cell phone, palm pilot, blackberry, whathave you, under phone #'s, list one named ICE, and the phone number of the person to call should you have gotten in a wreck or some other emergency. I s'pose I'd probably have ICE's 1-4 or something, lol!

ICE = In Case of Emergency

Back to listening!!! (I'm coughing my lungs up so's it's not like I can sleep, anyway, lol!!)

Sarebear said...

ROY!!! Yeah I was awww-ing right along with Clink and Dinah. What a great way to think about that.

I'm having trouble telling Clink from Dinah, but maybe it was Dinah; when Roy mentioned he was a bad gift giver, and you (or she?) rattled off, "Tell me about this", I thought, "HA! They're "shrink"-ing him!! What I mean by that is, it was funny to just hear one of the "standard" shrink-type elicitive (is that a word?) phrases, that I hear in therapy, to encourage further sharing and talk and discussion on whatever it was.

That just struck me as funny.

Ok, I guess I should warn listeners there's "spoilers" in my comment, about specifics in the podcast, lol!

Ok, a MEAT THERMOMETER from the same man that got an awwww-from his fellow shrinks and moi? What is it w/men and phallic things, anyway?

er, um, I think THAT is best left untouched. Hee hee!!!

Wait, will-making software?? Is this from and to the same person who gave/got the cemetary plot?? Should you now be looking over your shoulder, a little bit? Esp. if their next "gift" is a life insurance policy (Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!)

Ok, now I think I have C&D's voices sorted again.

What's a facebook page?

Wierd coincidence; I just posted about discovering there's 4-6 registered sex offenders near me and my child's school, and my dd has to cross in front of one of the houses (walks down the street, across the street past the house). They are 35 steps or less from the school, this person.

Um, can you say I am not letting my dd walk home alone anymore? Then of course there's the possibility of sex offenders who aren't registered and/or haven't ever been caught . . . .

UGH! Anyway, I'm kinda freaked. This one lives between our apt. and the school, and it's only 1-1/2 blocks to the school from here. You know, the more I type, the more I freak. Being a corner, and so close to the school, all sorts of kids would go buy; how could it be anything but by design that they live there? They'd HAVE to be aware of the implications . . . .eek. Yeah, I know, alot of assumptions.

But my daughter walks right past there, and she'd be a bit more likely target than others (she's less . . . saavy, less socially sophisticated, than others her age, due to the hf autism).

Sorry, I'm freaking myself out here.

I discovered this separately, this geo map, an hour before seeing your podcast. Coincidence, wierd.

Well, that was a good podcast! Altho, was it Dinah, at the beginning, said a topic and then was, kinda cut off by , um, Clink? Sorry! I don't want to hurt feelings! Besides, I don't want you guys/gals to organize the personality out of it anyway.

Not that organizing is bad, either. Course, I'm rambly, so I can follow that, anyway, and I like the banter.

I also liked that there was some time w/Dinah and Clink rapping together, back and forth, a bit, altho maybe it was more Dinah for a minute.

But I always find Roy to be rather personable, meat thermometer excepted, for conditions of natural tendencies of the inborn insanity of malehood/ness.

Anyway, long comment, sorry! Twas fun, there's my play by play of listening to it. Let us know if Doc A sends you chocolates or whatever that basket was, lol!

Oh, and say hi to Max!

DrivingMissMolly said...

I very much enjoyed the podcast, although, like Sara, I have sometimes had trouble differentiating between Dinah and Clink.

Sar--"Facebook" is like "Myspace" if you know what that is....I also enjoyed Clink's "Tell me about this line."

I decided on buying three trees from to be planted in Israel for my shrink who is Jewish. I noticed his office is full of tchotchkes and trinkets that I can safely assume are from patients. I don't want to add to the clutter. He's been a shrink for over 30 years so that is a lot of "gifts" although he sure could use a makeover...

Next year I think I will do the same thing, assuming that I am still seeing him, but I won't have them send him a card letting him know what I did. It is enough that I know.

Roy...Ok, I'm going to sound pissy but, don't feel like you have to "dumb" down your blog for us peasants. I suspect that some of us are quite bright and can either take the time to figure things out, will ask questions, or will just blow it off. If you want your audience to be psychiatrists, carry on. We will still get a lot out of the blog and podcasts!

Your voice still rocks, though, but I enjoy Clink and Dinah's accents and witty repartee.

Carry on!



Where would this blog be without the occasional statistic? Three bright people chatting about emotional support ducks and meat thermometers?

Sarebear said...

Some of the stat-filled posts can be rather boring. Some posts w/stats can be really interesting! I like the whole range of what you guys do.

Still trying to get that blasted duckie song outta my head . . .

Steve & Barb said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys (well, gals, really). First I heard of ICE, Sara. Thanks.

Hey, this is cool... we are #16 in itunes' Alternative Health section (they didn't have a mental health section, and I couldn't figure out how to categorize us as just plain Health... so we are in the same section as yoga, nutrition, and meditation).

ClinkShrink said...

Bless you everybody and I can't believe you all have the patience to actually listen to all of us ramble. Occasionally we're on topic & we're working on getting better.

We're in with yoga and meditation? What a hoot! Meditations on meat thermometers? Hmm...

Dr. A said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes for my six month thing. I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to send you that cake and/or gift basket. I like chocolate as well. Happy New Year!

DrivingMissMolly said...

Clink, are you having a "moment"?

I'll butter you up with more flattery if you answer one you really look like a nun or is that just an inside joke between you three?

Roy--no one ever guessed who's who in the pic right? I have a guess. You on the left, Dinah with the cuff so coyly raised in the middle, and Clink on the right in her habit, right?

Can I ask how old you all are?

For the sake of privacy, just tell us the ages not who is what age.

ClinkShrink said...

I actually (frequently) have been mistaken for a nun and now it's taken on the status of a longrunning joke. And I have no inhibitions about admitting that I am x02f years in age.
(And no, I won't be translating that into a decimal value. :) )

Steve & Barb said...

Sorry, Lily... wrong curtain. (But, thank you for playing... Vanessa here will give you a lovely consolation prize...)

And as far as age, the most I'll give is that I am less than 30 (like Clink said, it's not in base-10).

NeoNurseChic said...


I just died when you said that $.99 is too much to pay for a song! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL ;) (j/k of course!)

This is a nice podcast so far! I like it. :) Gift giving - my family gave me 3 canisters (which I asked for) and various kitchen gadgets. I don't cook. Does this mean they are trying to make me a cook? LOL

I use the ICE thing - well, I actually just put that in my phone - I put my home as ICE, and then my mom and dad's cells as ICE2, and then my brother as ICE3.

I can't wait to create my own podcast! :O)

Take care,
Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to comment, but it was nice hearing Dinah talk more (even though this was before everyone brought the topic up). I prefer the rambling chaotic mess of topics. I hope you keep it free flowing.

The gift topic was interesting to listen to. I must come from a weird family and have weird friends because I can't remember the last time I was given a gift that could be opened (it was probably my 13th birthday). I always just get cash or a check. And Dunkin' Donuts is gross! I hope no one ever gives me a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. time you get a phone call, you may want to talk a little farther away. I couldn't understand what you were saying, but I could hear your talking in the very far background noise. Dang sensitive hearing! haha! And there is some weird sound starting when you talk about the iTunes. I'm interested in seeing how your tweaks change the sound of your next podcast.


You'd make a good riddler Clink. Whipping out my ASCII table I see that 02F is a perfectly respectable age. Only one year away from Roy! ;)

Dinah said...

and how old did she say I was?

Anonymous said...

I am a new listener and love the podcast. Please keep them coming!

I do have a comment or two on a couple of topics covered in the podcast.

Paxil - of the five or so people I have known that took Paxil, all reported Social Anxiety Disorder to their general physicians and obtained presriptions without getting cognitive therapy. Also, of those five, I sincerely believe all five probably had Borderline Personality Disorder. Social Anxiety was a convenient cloak for them to seek treatment and certainly, by their reasoning, a convenient way to create a catastrophe, i.e. I ran out of Paxil! and to ask friends to help them or listen to them complain about the ill effects of Paxil withdrawal. Personally, that has led me to believe that Paxil should only be prescribed to those undergoing cognitive therapy and actively building their coping skills.

And on another interesting topic covered in your podcast...Gender Dyshporia in children...
This is a topic for which I have personal experience as I am a female to male transsexual. My mom was a feminist and very supportive of me being my own person, as such, she let me choose my own wardrobe and be who I was. Even though I did get a little ribbing at school, I learned coping skills that I otherwise would not have developed had I been forced in to an identity that did not mesh with who I was. Granted, being a girl who wore boys clothes and professed to be a boy, I probably did not get the teasing a male dressed as a female would have received. I am thankful everyday that this was the case. However, I think the important issue is not to force the children in to a gender role, but to take the opportunity to teach them about what society is like and to foster coping skills they will need to deal with the dysphoria later in life should the dysphoria continue in to adulthood.

Likewise, the teenage years are especially difficult for folks with Gender Identity Disorder and, at least in my case, I was reluctant to even bring up the topic in therapy. I like to think it was shame and a ignorance that kept me from asking for the assistance I really needed. Had I a therapist who asked directly if I thought I might be a transsexual, I would have been so relieved to know there was a word for describing me and that I wasn't alone in this world.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Gift Ideas said...

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