Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Cats Go Barefoot With Grace

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[From Clink]

In honor of Ellie, Zac, Harold the Vampire Cat, Tony the Psycho Kitty and 9. This is not a cat blog, but we do remember them.


ClinkShrink said...

You beat me to it!! I was going to put up that post tonight.

Here it is:

Night Excursion

The cats go barefoot with grace
Over the dog
Over the sleeping feet
Over the little girl
Over the stuffed plush rabbit

The cats go barefoot with grace
Miniature figurines tremble untouched
But for the porcelain mouse the pesky one
Smashed for disrespect

The cats go barefoot with grace
Down to the pillow
Down to the floor
Down to sleep
For another thousand years

Midwife with a Knife said...

What a fun theme! I'll take a go at it, though I'm no poet :)


The cats go barefoot with grace
Across a blanket of unbroken snow
Twilight darkens.


There is nothing quite like
stepping in a freshly
vomited hairball.

Dinah said...

Please see the comments on the post called The Secretary Who Couldn't Stop Talking for more cat poetry. Oh, and by all means, feel free to leave a relevant comment on that post. But cat poetry goes here.

HP said...

Mahjong went barefoot sans grace
The day he trampled my face
For while I enjoyed slumber
He was tortured by hunger
And considered that a total disgrace

Yes, well I won't quit the day job.

Dinah said...

The cats go barefoot with grace.
Clink says "ha...chew!" to their
She's allergic, you know,
To cats on the go,
A fact that remains a disgrace.

I'm moving my poem to the more appropriate post.
So far, I vote for mine as the best.

Steve & Barb said...

I put my first haiku in the blabbing secretary's comments, but I thought I'd try another one, in honor of Carrie...

The cats go barefoot
With grace, one turns on the stove
Homicidal cat

Josie said...

I eat plastic while
Barefoot, and with little grace.
Read my blog for more.


There was a cat named Moggs,
Who went about in clogs,
but as he got fatter
he started to clatter
and frightened away all the dogs!

HP said...

And I see my Mahjohg has a doppelganger..that looks just like him in the left hand photo. Maybe it is. The other cats have always thought him to be a bit of a poser. ;0