Friday, December 01, 2006

Where have all the bloggers gone?

More, specifically, where have all the Shrink bloggers gone?

First, we lost Shrinkette, gone on to do bigger and better and perhaps less addictive things with her time.

Shiny Happy Person I'm hoping is just on a little leave, trying to get her shininess or happiness back in sync? A psychiatrist-in-training in the UK, I love her insights, love her direct, sometime brash, way of telling it like it is. I miss her comments and the regular hair reports. I, by the way, am back to very curly with fewer chemicals.

FooFoo5-- his exact title remains unknown, and we Shrink Rappers thought for the longest time that he was a forensic psychiatrist, now we seem to think he's a social worker, but he was ClinkShrink's blog friend, working on the inside, and whatever he is, I love his insights. He, too, disappears without warning and long ago stopped his regular comments. Foo's been kind enough to post his status as Not-Able-To-Comment, compliments of Beta Blogger.

The Last Psychiatrist is still out there, and still says things that aggravate me. He doesn't always post my comments, so I've been less excited about composing them.

I've tried unsuccessfully to engage Dr. Crippen on the NHS Blog, and Flea, neither of whom seem to want to be engaged. KevinMD, I think, doesn't know the Shrink Rappers exist. It sort of reminds me of how psychiatrists in general tend to feel disregarded by other MD's, though I hesitate to say such things--Fat Doctor and Dr. A visit regularly.

The Shrink Rappers remain in blog-o-land happily posting. What's new on the horizon? Roy is wrapped around the idea of a PodCast (a what??) and so we hopefully will soon be introducing My Three Shrinks by the bloggers of Shrink Rap.

Stay tuned......


ClinkShrink said...

Thanks for posting today Dinah. I've been happily engulfed in web application development, finally figuring out how to do the code for credit card transactions. I am a happy geek. Maybe we can work on getting your grad school tuition paid.

I thought about Foo today. I see Turbo posted recently about what he wants for Christmas, and it made me think about Foo's manpurse. I wonder if it comes in blue. (Conveniently, Foo left the man purse post on the old blog and there's an automatic redirect away from it within a few seconds, so it is forever lost to linking.) Don't worry Foo, we remember it!

I miss SHP.


I miss SHP too. It sucks that she's cut herself off, and on such a worrisome note.

I'm glad you guys are still raging. Reading ShrinkRap often gives me a nice sense of calmth and good humour.I await the podcast with bated... ears.

DrivingMissMolly said...

I too am worried about SHP.

As for the "lost" psychiatrists who aren't updating or posting comments, well, you'll ALWAYS have us mental patients.

I enjoy "The Last Psychiatrist." There is some deep thinking going on there.

Hasta luego, shrinks.

Dull Depressed Person

Sarebear said...

I'm picturing a Larry, Mo, and Curly routine right now.

yuk, yuk, yuk (raps you on the heads!)

I miss those guys too, altho I hadn't really discovered SHP's blog.

Maria, of intueri, which almost never allowed comments, was a really vivid and well-written writer. Miss her too.

I'm glad you guys are around! I'm wondering if having a group of people doing a blog makes it less likely to fade away and/or die, because heck, one or two of you want to take a month off, or aren't inspired to blog, well then it works just dandy!

DMM you ARE NOT dull! I love your comments! Would you like to guestpost on my blog DMM? Cause I'm so mixed up these days, most of my turmoil is staying off-blog, because that's better for my mental health at the mo. I feel kind of directionless, altho that's understandable given the heavy hits I've taken this year, especially lately.

I was sobbing in the middle of the night last night; Anyway, probably TMI. SoooOOOOooooo! email me, it's in my profile, you don't haveta guest post, but let's talk!

DrivingMissMolly said...

Ah, Sara, as Willy Wonka said; "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."

We are the reason these shrinks stay employed!

I'd love to guest post. I'll e-mail you.



Sarebear said...

Got it! And thanks for cheering me up w/that Wonka quote, I LOVE it!

Sarebear said...

Argh. now I have that ancient tune, Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing . . . going through my head!

Flowers in winter, I guess it's not that bad . . .

NeoNurseChic said...

Well the tune for me is "Where have all the cowboys gone?" Heh...

Maria of Intueri was one of my favorite bloggers...I always read her blog every day. Really bummed about her hiatus. :-/

I haven't felt like blogging as much lately. I think I've just been too tired from so much going on all the time! But over the next few weeks, I'll have lots to blog about! On Sunday, I'm going to New York with my family to see a show. I finish my class next week, for better or worse. I have a huge update about my pediatric nurse practitioner program that I found out tonight - which is not good news...and I will make quite a post about that sometime soon! And with the holidays and my bday coming up, December is always my favorite month, and I'm sure I'll have lots to write about! :)

And then, I have some good things going on right now that I cannot actually write about - because they have to do with people in my life, and some of them read my blog - and I'm not ready to write about them yet! It's just fun when new bonds are formed. :)

We're all still here - reading and posting - and while not psychiatrists or physicians....well, hopefully still important. :)

Take care!
Carrie :)

Steve & Barb said...

All of you are important, of course. Blogs, and the internet, have a sort of leveling effect... you know, no one knows your a dog on the internet ("internets", as W would say). So all are equal.

We'll be "taping" the podcast Saturday, but really have no idea what we are doing. I'm just being honest. I did figure out how to record, so we will have *something* available by Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrink Rap

Hell, I am very happy to be engaged; I am of course just a humble family doc not a learned psychiatrist, but I am particularly interested in psychiatry and have to do a lot of psychiatric care as not much is available on the NHS.

I am sorry if I missed an attempt to engage....apologies....trouble is I now get several hundred emails a day and, though I do my best, some slip through the net.

However, I am doing a post TODAY on psychiatry ... a post with which I suspect you will disagree, perhaps strongly ... SO PLEASE ENGAGAE later today.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...


Time to engage!


Dinah said...

Hmmm, so I guess Dr. Crippen reads Shrink Rap after all, I just want to say that if I ever get hundreds of emails in a single day, I'm crawling under a rock somewhere and never coming out.

To Carrie: I never think of you as 'disappeared' because you're always somewhere posting on someone else's blog or in your own comment sections.

To Carrie, JW, Sarebear, Lily, (formerly FooFoo) and those who faithfully comment on so many of our posts: Of Course You Are Important. It's great to write a post knowing someone will have something to add!

Okay, I'm off to see what I'm engaging with John at NHSBlogSpot about: please be aware that I'm a little cramped these days as work/mom-life all ramp up around the holidays and this year I've added this grad school course to the mix.

No clue what I'll be podcasting about-- if you're thinking Larry/Moe/Curly: I'm Curly.
Roy sent me some links to read, but I'm just not doing Blog Homework!

FYI: I've discovered that SuperGeek Roy can't send Text messages! How geek-ronic is that?

Anonymous said...

I just learned earlier this week that intueri is taking a bit of a break, too. I like her entries, and I think she is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Too bad she's gone for a while.

I'd blog, but it's a small residency, we're busy, and I have too many non-psychiatry things I do. :(

Keep it up...Shrink Rap is a good read!

HP said...

sort of reminds me of how psychiatrists in general tend to feel disregarded by other MD's, though I hesitate to say such things--

I really enjoy reading Shrink Rap and this made me smile, as did your comments about failing to engage. Interesting because as a Psychologist as opposed to a Psychiatrist, this is often how I feel here. And not really complaining, just noting :)

Dinah said...

To Healthpsych: and to add to your sense of estrangement, I didn't note you as an important regular visitor. I think it's because you don't have a "name" per se any name will do, but for the purposes of 'connection' Healthpsych feels like a topic listing rather than an individual!

HP said...

Thanks for the response, Dinah. Interesting point - I hadn't thought much about the name..I've been considering a 'makeover'...eventually I'll get to it!

NeoNurseChic said...

Haha Well I was kinda half-kidding, but thanks for the validation... :) ;)

Roy - I know what you're saying when you say the internet has a "leveling" effect and that we're all equals here, but I just have to say this. I'm probably being way too nitpicky, but these are always the little types of issues that make me feel compelled to comment.

In real life (aka the unleveled world...!), there are different types of relationships everywhere, yes. In the relationship of physician/patient, the physician is usually the one who has the upper hand (the majority of relationships consist of someone having the upper hand, though in lots of cases, this will switch from person to person in the relationship). But, I just must say that this doesn't mean that physicians are on a higher level than the rest of the world. I know you know this, but I just have to get my thought out. If a physician has a baby in our NICU, then suddenly I am the one with the upper hand as that's my specialty and I am a professional in this field. Every field has its professionals, and I guess what I'm trying to say is that the levels that may be "doctors" and "patients" that are so prevalent in our world are not global "caste-like" levels...for lack of a better term!

And the point I'm really trying to get at is that in real life, ultimately we are all human beings. We can have groups and circles and levels within that depending on how you are looking at things at any given moment, but this is fluid and never ceases to change from situation to situation.

Long rambly way to say that we're all human beings - on the internet and in real life, too. :) If I didn't think this way, then I don't think I could do my job with the same level of compassion and patience.

That probably didn't come out right at all! I know you are a compassionate person, and I'm just writing that to state my own view, but not with the intention of making it look like you are the opposite! Hope that is understandable at the very least! :)

Dinah - Thanks :) I don't really ever disappear too much - just sometimes feel like commenting more than posting some days or else have a lot to post, but sometimes can't because it's about work or classes are too crazy and I just don't feel like rewriting out a major story because I'm too tired, etc. This week, I ended up posting long comments on a few blogs because I couldn't sleep or woke up vomiting and sometimes just needed a break from working on my classwork, etc. Always something!

Anyways....hugz to you all. :) Am looking forward to the podcast. I have to figure out how to post the one I made...if I can. :-/ It was really cool - I recorded myself singing an a capella version of Over the Rainbow and also shared my views on various topics. I need a "podcasts for dummies" website so I can figure out how to upload them from Garageband on my Mac to the internet without having to put it in the .Mac weblog site. I tried to upload it to my shared files as Dr. A instructed me to do, but it said it wouldn't accept that file type.

Carrie :)

Gerbil said...

Well, I suppose I can't throw too many stones, being a newcomer and all, but dude! don't snub the psychologists :)