Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Healthcare Blogger Survey Says. . .

The Medical Blog Network took a survey in the past few months on the "healthcare blogosphere", asking bloggers why they do that thing that they do. The results are available as a pdf. (Note that the surveyor, Envision Solutions, cautions that the results are not scientific (wasn't randomized) and should not be generalized all healthcare bloggers.)

  • about 200 healthcare bloggers (>30% of posts are health-related) participated
  • 3/4 were from US
  • about evenly split by gender
  • 21% were physicians, 7% patients, 5% nurses
  • majority are age 30-50
Some notable figures:
  • 39% blog anonymously
  • about half spend 1-2 hours/day on it
  • one-fourth accept advertising, while half are willing to do so
  • the group was split on how ads may affect perceived credibility, though most feel the credibility of the particular blogger outweighs any potential negative impact from ads
  • 11% get paid to blog
  • 20% have more than 500 unique visitors/day
  • more than half have been at it for less than a year
  • 10% spend at least 3 hours/day (must be the ones getting paid?)

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