Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes! I Have Monday OFF!!!!

I got it, again, like clockwork. The joys of city life: yet another jury duty summons.

My number is 897 and that's high, really high, but sometimes on Mondays they call up to 900. The problem with being a shrink is that there's the question of what to do? Pray my number won't get called, or take the day off? In my private practice, I could just give people a heads up that I might need to cancel if I get called, but Monday mornings, I work in a clinic where people are scheduled months in advance, and short notice is a hassle on everyone involved. Family members often take off work to bring in patients, or other agencies send people to appointments with case workers. Last minute doc-outs create problems for everyone.

I used to hate the uncertainty of it all, but I'm trying to grow more flexible as I age, oh so gracefully. I used to call and request a specific day, one that would work better with my schedule, and the courts are happy to oblige this: they'd let me pick any day I want, as long as I agreed to take the number 1. No uncertainty here: I was going to be called.

But how do you give up a number like 897 (and a high likelihood of getting a pass) on an inconvenient day for a number like 1 on another day. Face it, there's never a good day to sit with 900 people in a jury room.

So I gave 6 weeks notice at work and took the day off. And the verdict is in: number 1-650 are to report. I have a day off! See you Monday. Please feel free to write in with suggestions about how I should spend my day.


Sarebear said...

reading the edited manuscript of your book or was that Clink's job?

Trying some of her soap?

Rent the defunct tv show Mental and watch it, I wish they hadn't canceled it, it was a mental health show on last year you guys didn't notice that was really good. Plus the lead was really cute, played a psychiatrist too.

Sunny CA said...

I was called very inconveniently for jury duty recently and my psychiatrist told me that he never goes in for jury duty. He writes a note that he is a psychiatrist and he has several very ill patients who depend on his being available for their very lives. He gets off every time with that note. I certainly don't begrudge him that. I'd want him there for me if I needed his support. Consider that for the next time. I did not have to serve my jury duty either, but waiting around until the day of service to find out cost me a week's hiking trip that was offered me for free by a friend who got ill and could not take her $2,000 prepaid trip. By the time I found out I did not have to serve (1:30pm on the day of service) the trip was several days along. Bummer.

Sarebear said...

Last time I got a notice, was about ten minutes after I'd folded my foot in half, under itself, and had been hauled up the stairs and was lying on the floor alternately laughing and crying (sometimes in extreme pain I laugh, it's wierd).

I had no insurance, so I didn't officially see a doctor, but our next door neighbor and family friend was one and he came over and saw it, then and two weeks later. Had me buy an air splint at a medical store and wear for 7 weeks, use crutches. I likely tore a bunch of things off.

Anyway, I wrote on the response form that I'd just severely injured myself, besides having panic attacks and irritable bowel. I figured the IBS would get me off, definitely lol, having to rush out of court with little notice about needing to use the bathroom is not desirable in a jurist.

Anonymous said...

Did you just read my mind? I am all about flexibility these days! Enjoy your day.