Saturday, April 28, 2007

Online Presidential Chat Room

Okay, I can't stop ROFLMAO after reading this nugget. (Warning: contains juvenile humor and offensive language.) Just had to let you know. This will be a classic.

** Hi11ary has joined chatroom **
** McCain has joined chatroom **
** BaRock! has joined chatroom **
** Da Mayor has joined chatroom **
** MiTT has joined chatroom **
** 4Honey has joined chatroom **

Hi11ary : Waz up Homies?
Da Mayor : Heh
4Honey : What up girlfriend?
MiTT : WTF? Who is 4Honey?
McCain : 4Honey, ASL???
4Honey : 53, Male, North Carolina
Hi11ary : Is that Edwards?!??
4Honey : :-)))))))
4Honey : u little biotchs! i m gunna kick ur asses
McCain : With what? ur giant hair?
Hi11ary : LOL!
4Honey : FU
** 4Honey has left chatroom **
BaRock! : LOL!!
MiTT : ROFL!!!!!!1!!
MiTT : doods, I raised some major bling
BaRock! : noob, I beat ya
Hi11ary : I p4wned both you
McCain : I sux
Da Mayor : Yup
BaRock! : LOL


Sarebear said...

Mitt wouldn't be going, WTF, but other than that, funny! Actually, it was extra funny to me because of that. Lol.

(There were weapons of mass destruction in my word verify)

Anonymous said...

hillary is nice and a man

ooppps did i say that out loud