Saturday, April 21, 2007

One Year of Shrink Rap!

Happy Blogiversary to Us!

Here's to One Year of

Shrink Rap

With many thanks to ClinkShrink and Roy for indulging my whim.
Scroll Down to See WHY we blog, compliments of Fat Doctor


Violet said...


Rach said...

Mazal tov and Happy Birthversary. I think my life would be significantly more boring if you guys didn't exist.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Happy Blogiversary guys!

Catherine said...


Sarebear said...


Now I know why Roy was under the floorboards, he was looking for the duckie.

Where would we be without floorboard and duckie jokes? Surely, a much sadder world it would have been (hee hee!)

Happy AnniverSary!

Anonymous said...

Congrat on one year. Quite a feat! I only drop in every so often, but when I do, I always am happy that I did.

Gerbil said...

Happy First BlogDay!

In another year or so, your blog will be ready to start potty training ;)

(sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Rach said...

LOL Gerbil. I think Fat Doctor will hold off on having anything to do with that.

NeoNurseChic said...

Happy Blogiversary! Mine is coming up as well - although can no longer be publicly celebrated! Sad... lol

Here's to many more fun and thought-provoking blogging years! :)

Carrie :)


It's nice to get kudos from fellow humans, but none of that could ever compare to the sense of satisfaction that comes when you look deep into the worshipful eyes of your emotional support duck.

So why not appeal to your real audience, the ducks? After all, they even have a special gland just for preening.

Clink could write a Turing-complete programming language for ducks, consisting of the three expressions Quack? Quack. Quack!

Roy could create a chart detailing the relationship between female aggression and brood size; given enough chocolate he might even crack a joke about iridescent speculums, which the hens would get a kick out of.

Dinah could write a post all about life in the swamp, entitled 'They Grew Up as They Grew Down.'

You wouldn't have to be afraid of ruffling any feathers either. Ducks can't bite very hard.

JR's Thumbprints said...

It's nice to see that the top ducky is going against the grain. Congrats on your one year of blogging. My one year bloggiversary is May 10th, so I know how much effort and hard work it takes to continue posting.

Roy said...

Thank you, all. I like Seamonkey's idea. JR, there's no challenge in swimming with the grain.

jcat said...

Congratulations! It was you guys and FD that got me hooked.
Have asked one of our photogs for some more meerie pics just for you, Clink!

ClinkShrink said...

Awww....thanks to one and all for making this a worthwhile thing to do. We celebrated today with chocolate (thanks Dinah and Roy!) and an anniversary cake. Podcast to follow.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B_DAY!!!!!!!!!