Monday, July 24, 2006

You Can't Escape (or Maybe You Can?)

I'm still grieving the lost of my post, Off Label In Jail, inspired by an article in the 7/22 New York Times about a Maryland psychiatrist (no one I know) who was arrested for giving paid talks promoting the off-label use of Xyrem, a medication marketed only for narcolepsy, which contains GHB, the substance in the date rape drug. ClinkShrink, in kind form as she continues to address my constant quest for a viewable sidebar, shortened some lines I had drawn around a direct quote, but does not think that caused most of the entry to be eaten. I am left to blame the Support Duck as Max does not eat lines (he only eats meat).

You Can't Escape: or rather, I Can't Escape. I picked up a novel the other night, one I got from the library, chosen-- like I choose my wines--for the pretty cover. The first chapter was titled "Confinement" and the protagonist was having trouble getting up throughout the night, so I correctly assumed she was pregnant. By page two, her water had broken. By page three, it was apparent that she was a prison inmate about to deliver either a jail baby or a gummy bear. I wanted to scream and throw the book out the window. And if that wasn't enough, I was at the clinic today and I was approached by a drug rep who handed me an article about the wonders of treating criminals with Depakote. He let rip a line about how prisoners get no mental health care and I told him my co-blogger (ah, did he know we had a blog? he does now!) would be deeply offended. He went on about the jails, I excused myself to return to my patient (who had been a criminal). So this time it's someone other than Foofoo & Clink making it all about their prisoners.

Another New York Times piece well worth checking out:
He Who Cast the First Stone Probably Didn’t is an op-ed article by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert as he looks at the psychology of fighting-- starting in his parents' station wagon, ending in the Mideast. Just a well-written, interesting piece.

I'm off to the beach for two days of sun. Escape. No kids. No Max. No patients. No prisoners (oops, but I'm going with a judge, hoping she won't bring her clientele).

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On the Same Page said...

LOL. We had a "pharmaceutical manufacturer" sponsored in-service today by a a doc from Phoenix regarding the treatment relationship between HIV/HCV/HCC (quite a liver full). He noted the co-morbidity of HIV/HCV to occur more frequently in Phoenix than any other American city. Hmm. But after an hour of charts, graphs, and PowerPoint ad nauseum (and in my opinion, there is a special place in hell for the authors of PowerPoint), including a photo of the world's worst case of ascites, I had pretty much checked out until he mentioned several times, "but we hopefully will never catch up with Baltimore when it comes to HCC." Really? Genetics? The air? Global warming? Or is it just because I started reading this blog? Thus, there is neither escape nor irony, bi-coastally or otherwise.

In regard to the beach, don't swim for 30 minutes after eating - and I guess drinking - is what my mother always told me on the East Coast. Now I'm wondering, would it be because of cramps or HCC?