Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Canada

Congratulations On Your 139th Birthday!

My blushes for being late. I was busy thinking about an asteroid. I hope your celebrations were terrific.


Dinah said...

As three US psychiatrists, now why are we making a statement about Canada's birthday?

On the other hand, and closer to home, today is also the birthday of both MY Husband and Tom Cruise. My husband has noted that Tom is depressed that he has to share the limelight, but won't see a psychiatrist for help.... Tom Cruise:

ClinkShrink said...

We are celebrating Canada's birthday because we both had a good time in Toronto for the APA conference, and because I've been to both Vancouver and Quebec for psychiatry conferences and have also enjoyed myself there. We're celebrating Canada because they are very patient with us and our stupid lumber tariff imposed at the same time that we needed lumber to rebuild New Orleans. But enough about George W.

Mainly I just remembered lately about that nice boy at the Toronto airport who out of nowhere offered to help me with my luggage, without being prompted by his father. Just another way of saying thanks.