Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Years and 1000 Shrink Rap Posts!

It's our blogiversary, if that's a word, and we've timed 3 years to coincide with 1000 posts. Well, sort of, Roy pointed out that we have a few unposted things in "drafts," but blogger says this is 1000, so I'm happy with that. I'm pretty happy that our little project has lasted so long, has grown to include 50 podcast episodes with more to come, and our book contract is signed, and that we're all still friends.

To three more years of things to think about....

Thanks for reading Shrink Rap!

From Roy: Thank you to my blogmates for keeping things fun and interesting. And to all our readers and commenters (and listeners) for your interest and participation. Y'all rock!

From Clink: My blogmates are wonderful, our readers are wonderful, life is good. I'm trying to post more often, I really am.

First post (2006).


a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

The March issue of the Archives or General Psychiatry has a lead article on the psychological factors of paranoia based on statistical analysis of tested patients. It comes up with factors of decreased self esteem and tendency to jump to conclusions. It is a real advance and think their comment that 'this might lead to new therapies for paranoid illness' is accurate. Also there is a lovely Vermeer on the cover with a good discussion including pictures of 'fake Vermeer's' that Goering 'purchased.'

Dr. Val said...

Happy blogiversary! What's an age-appropriate gift for a three year old blog? Baby center suggests art kits, construction toys, and a dress up box. :)

rlbates said...


FooFoo5 said...

I worship you from below (I stole it from the Radar dude from MASH). You are three lovely Vermeers, and I congratulate you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work



Dr. A said...


The Girl said...

Well done. :)

Dr. Rob said...

Congrats. You are exactly a month older than me in bloggevity. You are, however, far more productive in the post department. I suppose if you put me against any single one of you, then it may be a fair fight. But the podcasts trump all. Besides, I don't like to fight psychiatrists. They do mind games on you.

Cheers, neighbor.

Midwife with a Knife said...

congratulations! :)

mindful said...

As they say in Greek: XPONIA POLLA!! I just googled to find out what the traditional three year anniversary gift is and it’s leather. I will leave appropriate gifts to the Shrink Rappers imagination …

The site also suggests various third anniversary celebration ideas such as going out for 3 meals in one day (very Shrink Rap) or doing everything in sets of 3 – so here’s 3 rounds of “woo hoo” and high fives.

However you choose to celebrate, may there be many more years of Shrink Rap to come .. and please, bring back the podcasts. You are missed on the airwaves.

Roy said...

Thank you to a PWLFVets: I have now jumped to the conclusion that you will be sending us a fake Vermeer for our blogiversary.

DrVal: thanks, I already have a dress-up box.

rlbates, Justin, Dr A, the girl, MWWAK: thank you all!

Foo: vermeerly just 3 shrinks.

Rob: I agree, we have a 3-to-1 advantage.

Mindful: leather, hmm? I'll give that some thought.

Maggie said...

I've only been following you for a bit over a year (I think - my sense of time is completely shot!), in that time I think your blogging (all of you) is interesting.

You very kindly posted one of my blog entries when you hosted Grand Rounds.

Congrats on 3 years and 1000 posts! I hope you all keep on posting!

Best wishes from disappointingly grey Liverpool (we were promised sunshine today from the weather forecast!)

Anonymous said...

Which Duck am I?

Sarebear said...

Shouldn't it be duck duck goose? Hee!

Quackers. A box of Animal Quackers, for all the puns Clink does that make you Quack up laughing.

Buy yourselves each a box from me to you, that's my gift!

Happy Bloggiversary! Three years, woohoo!

I'm going to have to go read Dinah's book again.

With some popcorn, I think, and a yummy smoothie from my daughter's newest issue of Children's Digest. Banana and pineapple mmm.

oh, you might be getting some comments on older posts as i get caught up so look out for those.