Friday, April 03, 2009

In Treatment: What the NYTime Says.

To those who wrote in telling me how to get to the right click:

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. First I blog about In Treatment, now the New York Times has to write about it. I couldn't read it all, too many plot spoilers.

I'm going to give it a try, if I like doing it, I'll keep it up. ClinkShrink wants to stuff me in a closet somewhere. I'm trying to teach her to delete things unread.

Oh, and these people I blog with, they talked me into this MacBook thing. I finally figured out how to copy and paste. How do I save a graphic I see on the internet??? I miss my right-click mouse button so much.


talesofacrazypsychmajor said...

ctrl click will give you the effect of a right click
You can also buy a two button mouse for a mac if you want.

I love my macbook.

Medicated said...

If you have tap-to-click enabled, all you have to do is tap with two fingers (simultaneously) instead of one. Tada! Right click! If that doesn't work, then you will need to activate that option in the settings. I use my 'right' click all the time!

Apple should pay me commission for the number of products I've convinced my classmates and friends to buy.

Retriever said...

Click on it with the mouse and drag to your desktop, or better yet directly to Iphoto . This will size it. Usually.

This also works to drag a chunk of text you want to quote directly to the blogger new post field. But you have to click directly over a line of text within the quote to "hook" it. It's fiddly.

Sometimes there are formatting problems with complicated posts on a Mac (ie: dragging in things from different sites with other formatting, and with graphics). Even the preview feature isn't perfect. I try to select all, and do the Text normal feature.

I've had photos from the web that are too big get cropped if I drag to desktop then import to Blogger (this is why importing to Iphoto first is better as it sizes them automatically).

Be aware that when you import a web photo to Iphoto, you may have a hard time finding it again if you have lots of photos already. With Events, the photo may be of unknown date, so you may have to hunt for it a bit.

But Macs are way better.

Dinah said...

So thank you for teaching me how to right click.
I've always right-clicked, then saved image to desk-top then inserted it in to blooger with the little photo icon. Never dragged or re-sized. I delete the graphic after I insert it (why would I want all these pics lying around).
Is dragging easier? Right clicking is what I know, and I"m pretty fast at it 975 posts later.
I like medicated's click with two fingers option best so far.

Sarebear said...

My dad worked for IBM starting in the very early 60's, so I'm not gonna go over, but good luck. Besides, they paid for my face.

Oh, does she want to shove you into a closet or does she want to taxidermy-like stuff you whilst both of you are inside a closet?