Saturday, April 25, 2009

HR1558: Bill to End Health Insurance Discrimination Against Preexisting Conditions

Here are some tweets and links about this proposed legislation.  Dinah's recent post about Sally Satel on Stigma generated some great comments discussion, especially this one by AA.

  1. Roy fromShrinkRap
    ShrinkRapRoy PsyN: [hopefully] HR1558 & S623-US bills to end health insur exclusions for preexisting conditions.
  2. Brenda Norris
    brendanor Preexisting Condition Patient Protection Act of 2009 require insurance coverage of 133 million suffers with illness.
  3. Greg Diamond
    diamondgreg Political theater: 'how is that (the fork in a guys head) a preexisting condition?'
  4. Laurie Reece
    lauriereece Also pls support fed legis: Preexisting Condition Patient Protection Act/2009. Rep. Joe Courtney, Sen. Rockefeller.
  5. Traivor
    Traivor Breathing is a preexisting condition. No health insurance for you!
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your kind words about my post in the Sally Satel thread.

I will take a look at the links you mentioned as I wasn't even aware that eliminating pre-existing conditions was up for consideration. It looks like I need to get busy.

Thank you for providing them.


Sarebear said...

Oh, does this bring back the days I worked at a health ins. company, processing the files that came out of the weekly Underwriting Committee, the "RED Files", the ones that were Suspensions or Rescissions or needed a Rider on them for specific health conditions, because of pre-existing or the extreme-high cost or whatever.

This is quite some time ago that I worked there, I haven't been able to work in a long time.

I cringed for the poor people that those files represented. I also wondered how the physician that was on the committee could hold his head up, especially with the "do no harm" part of his medical oath.