Monday, January 07, 2008

Top 10 Podcasts from My Three Shrinks for 2007

Okay, this is my last Top 10 list. We served up over half a terabyte (!) of podcasts last year, producing just under 40 podcasts on My Three Shrinks. We had over 30,000 unique visitors, nearly 200,000 visits, and served up over 100,000 podcast downloads!

Here are the Top 10 downloaded podcasts in 2007:

110466#24: Short version of Dr Phil prank on Dinah [Listen now]
27252#1: Podcasting Makes You Potty [Listen now]
#5: Sex, Lies, & Neuroeconomics [Listen now]
#6: Advice on Manipulating Your Psychiatrist [Listen now]
#13: Lost It In Space [Listen now]
#21: Chris Kraft on Gender Issues [Listen now]
#8: Positively Lost [Listen now]
#10: Be Mine [Listen now]
#17: Happy Anniversary! [Listen now]
#12: Bilingual [Listen now]

Incidentally, none of the above generated the most comments. The two podcasts that stirred up the most comments (37 each) were #15: POTUS Reading and #18: Grand Rounds.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I know that google ads are self generating, and you have no control, and I don't tend to notice them, and I never click on them, except sometimes by mistake, but occasionally I look over and this one caught my eye today. , "affairs for married women". Yeah well, the holidays and so much time with the family over a long stretch, hmmm... Just kidding, but I thought, what on earth could they be hawking? So I typed the URL into my browser and sure enough it is an out and out porn site. Now I know that you are not endorsing this and I know no one has to click on it although now that it everyone knows about it they probably will, but that really does um what was the word you used a while back, cheapen the site? Of course everyone knows how to access porn if they want to but yes yes yes it cheapens the site and that is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Roy, you're turning into a regular David Letterman here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, really I'm Dinah, but I like it so much when you pretend to be me that I thought I'd pretend to be you.

ClinkShrink said...

Both of you are totally confusing me.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't talk so much, you'd get it.