Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 Hair Days

Happy New Year everyone, I'm back. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I'm here. I had a wonderful break, the Fall of 2007 was a very stressful time here, and so I'm hoping for calmer days in 2008. It started out pretty good dancing on the beach at midnight as the year began.

So warm weather zones, while wonderful for the soul, are just not good for frizzly hair. I was at breakfast, a few days after 2008 rang in (I lost track of the days on vacation) and the waiter at breakfast took one look at me and said "Your hair, it stands straight up, it's like a cat that's scared!" Oy. These things bounce off me, humidity, I forgot to pack a brush, I'd slept on it. But then I snuck away after breakfast to check my e-mail (I was good, I only checked it twice) and I see that ClinkShrink and Roy are doing a superb job keeping up the blog, and that Clink has wished me a year of good hair days. Funny, but I felt like maybe this wish, on the heals of the waiter's comment, might not be such a good omen for 2008.


Rach said...

Do pregnant pigs also suffer from frizzy hair when they vacation in warm climates?

Dinah said...

Rach: It depends on how tightly they are tethered, but generally their tails curl more in the humidity.

NeoNurseChic said...

I'm right there with you with frizzy hair in the humidity! Well, I'm lucky to have curly hair so that in some ways it just gets curlier, but it also frizzes beyond belief which drives me nuts!

In a few short weeks (the 21st), I'm getting the trial occipital nerve stimulator implanted and they are going to shave some of my hair on the back of my head. And then if I get the permanent stimulator, they will be shaving even more hair and also a line of hair off the right side of my head since I'm also having an electrode implanted above my right eye. So I might need a few good thoughts for good hair days in 2008 as well! I think what will end up happening is that I will get my hair cut in some new way - and a bandana is going to be my best friend for awhile! When I have the trial implant, it'll be for about 5 days and I won't be able to wash my hair at all during that time! This might be interesting...! Frizzed hair plus grease from not washing for 5 days....pretty...! ha!

So I hope that both of us have some good hair days in 2008! ;) :-P

Take care,
Carrie :)