Friday, January 18, 2008

Rx for Podcastopenia

As our podcast pallor slowly waxes, we plan to record another one on Sunday... this one with our colleague, Chris Kraft PhD.  You may recall Chris from Podcast #21, Chris Kraft on Gender Issues (okay, it originally had a more sensational title, but Dinah's cooler head prevailed...listen to the podcast to get it), where he talked about intersex disorders.

He's back this weekend to talk about, well, we'll decide when we get there (you think we actually plan this stuff?).  Actually, if there are some topics you'd like to hear about, Post a Comment to this post to let us know, and we might actually pick it up (no complaints if we don't, please).


Rach said...

An hour's worth of rambling on any topic (or no topic for that matter) would work just fine. I'm pretty sure that Chris Kraft would ramble just as well as you all!

But... in all seriousness, I'm wondering if any of you have read this article:

--> it's from Friday's Globe and Mail.
I think Clink touched on this slightly in another podcast (in regards to boutique psychopharmaceutical prescribing patterns?), but I could be totally wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
Looking forward to #...40? 42?

Rach said...

PS my apologies for posting ridiculously long links... I'm not a fan of them either.

Anonymous said...

thank you my friend.