Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Long Day for The Wimpiest of the Co-Bloggers

ClinkShrink cures 42 patients an hour.
Roy often is still in the hospital at midnight.
Midwife With A Knife catches 10 babies an hour, or extracts them with interesting devices.
Fat Doctor admits 30 patients a night (sadly, she doesn't dictate them).
Dr. Crippen, I hope is okay despite his mysterious disappearance.
Kevin MD blogs for more time than I can imagine.
NeoNurseChic works 12 hour shifts with an assortment of headaches and ailments, and doesn't complain.

Dinah works part-time. I am a wimp. This morning, I have a meeting from 8 to 11 AM about lots of things I either don't care about or things I do care about but can't do anything to change. From 1-8, I'm scheduled to see 8 reliable patients, most of whom will show up right on time, and there's no break in there. At 8 Pm, I'm due back at another meeting which may well go to 11 PM, a follow-up on this morning's meeting about things I don't care about or things I do care about but will be unable to change. Today, and today only I hope, I will not be a wimp.

Tomorrow, I will be a wimp.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are not a wimp!! And I do complain sometimes, even though I try not to... ;)

I hate days like what you are describing! When I was in college majoring in piano performance and taking the required pre-reqs to attend medical school, then later nursing school, I used to have days like that - they would be so jam packed that there wasn't time to stop. Sometimes I still have days like that if I go to an appt in the morning and then work 11a-11p or some such thing. I can't say that I can do those days without getting rather anxious and maybe complaining some!! They are difficult days for the best of the best - and I think the only way to survive them is to take a deep breath, cross out each thing as it happens, drink plenty of caffeine, and just focus on the task in front of you versus the whole big picture.

Why am I saying these things to a psychiatrist? haha I don't know. I still have problems with this on my "busy" weeks - the weeks where I put in a 40 hour work week from Monday to Friday and still have to work 2 12's on the weekend, and possibly follow that up with an 8-hour shift on Monday. I totally freak out when I have weeks like that, and then I try to remind myself to focus on getting to the one day I have off, or focus on just getting through the one day I have in front of me. It's tough, though!!

Good luck with your busy day.... You are definitely not a wimp! :)

Take care,
Carrie :)

Rach said...

Dinah, I can totally empathize. I will often try to get to the office early (well, not for much longer...) only to realise that I have a meeting that will run late LATE into the evening (aka yesterday when I worked 8:30 am - 10:30 pm with a 1.5 hour break spread over the day)... I can handle a day like that every once in a while (and like Carrie said it's all about the Caffeine!) but my nerves can't take a constant barrage of craziness...

I don't think it makes you wimpy. Different people are better at different times of the day. I'd much rather go to a 7:30 am meeting (but no one else wants to!) than a 7:30 pm meeting.

Anonymous said...


Best wishes with your procedure. I hope it works miracles!

Roy texted me "Wimp" today.
It's nice to be loved.

NeoNurseChic said...

Funny about Roy's message. :) Glad to see you survived the day!

Thanks for the good thoughts regarding my procedure. I saw my neuro in the hall today when I was at work, and he said that if I don't have any bad effects with the trial stimulator, then I should definitely get the permanent stim. I'm really hoping this works. I'm due some sort of break after 7 years, right? :)

Take care,
Carrie :)

Midwife with a Knife said...

That's a long day! I hope you're recovering well. And those meetings about things that you either don't care about or can't change are annoying and exhausting.