Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Paris Hilton is reading in jail

You guessed it:
Chapter 9

And join us for next week's podcast where Hillary Clinton will be talking about how much she's enjoying Double Billing. Senator Clinton will be sitting right next to Dr. Phil.


Rach said...

Is it selfish of me to think that it's not fair that Dinah's posting to this blog because she's spending all her time on Double Billing?

Yeah... I'm missing the business of this blog.

Anonymous said...

If Dinah has been double billing, the insurance companies will want to know.
A blog "by psychiatrists for psychiatrists." (The former and the latter referring to the same three people.) It is all very free association, becoming so loose it has run away.
It is not selfish for you to think anything you think. Anyway Dinah has been posting as well as writing. She posts ABOUT her writing. Nobody can call her selfish because this is her blog. On the other hand, there is a bait and switch type thing going on here.
Having teenagers puts one into a mid life crisis sort of thing.She wil grow out of it.