Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 24: Dr Phil on Skype

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Okay, folks, this one's a bit on the long side, but well worth it. Around the 28-minute mark is an "interview" with talk-show psychologist Dr. Phil. See below for my notes about it, but let's just say that Dinah has vowed to get even with Clink and me. Or, click here to listen to just the prank and the mash-up song.

Also, listen in to us next week in Podcast #32 as Doctor Anonymous joins us as a guest blogger (this one's for real).

June 10, 2007: #24 Dr. Phil on Skype

Topics include:

  • Genetics of Cocaine-Induced Paranoia. Roy talks about a recent article in Biological Psychiatry by Kalayasiri which suggests that a particular mutation (C1021T) in the dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) gene was associated with significantly increased paranoia in a small group of cocaine abusers. Genetics is playing an increasing role in understanding how we respond to drugs AND to our environment.
  • Dinah wins an award for her writing.
  • Expectation Vs. Evidence-based Medicine. We get into a detailed discussion about how patients' perceptions and expectations get in the way of evidence-based medicine (with examples from Flea's post on admitting children and direct-to-consumer advertising). "Doc, my friend got better with DrugX so I want to try it." "It goes back to 'who deserves care'."
  • Dr. Phil visits My Three Shrinks. THIS IS A MUST-LISTEN SEGMENT! Clink and I play a trick on Dinah by "calling" Dr. Phil on Skype and he "interviews" us. This is a riot!! Dinah is such a good sport. [link to DrPhil Soundboard]
  • Dark Tourism. After reading a NYT piece on touring prisons, Clink discusses the concept of dark tourism, where people seek out notorious sites to see (like cemeteries and prisons). She sent us a humongous scholarly piece on the subject (see Clink's Travelogue for more fun). Dinah talked about visiting catacombs in Paris where the walls are made of human bones, and here's a pic of those. (Note from Dinah, I wanted to put the picture and the link in, but I didn't listen to the podcast to hear if I was editted out. They do those things, you know).

  • Special DrPhil/MTS mashup treat at the end. Credit KLF (aka The Timelords aka The JAMs) for the song, Doctorin' the Tardis, which you can find on emusic for 25 cents, or on iTunes for 99 cents.

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Thank you for listening.


Anonymous said...

I just wanna know how much coke Roy had to snort to be up and posting at 2am.

Dr. A said...

Congrats Dinah on your award!

Hey, I wanted to find out if for next week I could pre-record my answers to the interview and then put it on a soundboard. HA!

Til next week....

sophizo said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Best podcast yet! Just so Dinah doesn't feel so picked on, here are some prank calls using Dr. Phil and other soundboards:
Dr. Phil 1
Dr. Phil 2
Napoleon Dynamite
Jack Nicholson
You can hear those prank calls and more at one of my favorite websites, eBaum's World. Great site if you want a good laugh!

Roy said...

Who can't stay up til 2? And I prefer to drink my coke.

My son told me to link to a soundboard on any site other than ebaum's world. Apparently, they have violated some sacred haxor's code and steal content as their own... or so he says. Just sayin'.

The mashup was fun to do. I'll leave it for someone else to do the My Three Shrinks Soundboard. Oh, I should go back and credit KLF (aka The Timelords and the JAMSs) for the song.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were going back with that line about drinking your Coke.

ClinkShrink said...

I just finished listening to #23 today. Roy I like what you did with the birds and the windchimes at the end. I just wanted to get up and do some tai chi. Very peaceful, and far too wholesome for one of our podcasts.

Rach said...

I LOVED IT! Greatest Podcast ever, C,D&R!

I have not laughed that hard in a loooooong time.

And no, I don't feel sorry for you, Dinah.

And by the way, the music at the end is also wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone at Megamart thinks I should be on Abilify. Or so me thinks...I was listening to the podcast while shopping, and, of course, laughing the whole time.

Nice job on the mashup.

Sarebear said...

oh my . . . .!!!

Dinah, you poor thing! Shove that man under the floorboards, ASAP!

No duckie allowed; it's contraband!

Hee hee. Roy, Clink . . . you two just pulled off probably the biggest fake-out you'll be able to do on her!

Now, you're going to have to wonder . . . when is she coming, for you?

dun Dun DUN! (insert dramatic emphatic music here).

Hee hee. I was trying to drink at the time, but had to carefully put it down as I was dying with laughter!

Oh, on the part about the mice . . . I looked over at him and said, What do you get when you put those mice on Coke?

Singing Disney Mice!

Oh, and there's already been a story and movie about mice (well, a few mice, alot of rats) that escape from a lab.

Secret of Nimh (ok, so it's animated! Those bad rats musta been coming down off the coke high . . . . lol!)

Nice mash-up, Roy!

Oh hey Dinah, in the words of Khan, from Star Trek II the Wrath of said villain, "Revenge is a dish best served COLD", as only Ricardo Montalbahn can say it . . . let em stew for awhile!

Ok, I just quoted a Star Trek Villain, so it's time for me to go to sleep (plus my neurontin is zonking me out).

Sarebear said...

Oh, Anonymous, does that mean you think Roy is a rat? (there's some old movie quote, said in a sneery kind of sneaky voice, "You doity rat . . . ."

I think I can hear Dinah saying it right now, lol!

Wait, now I'm picturing the Wicked Witch of the West (sorry Dinah!) rubbing her hands together saying, "I'l get you, my pretties, just you wait, I'll GET you!" Or something like that, hee!

I don't think anyone's a witch, though. I need to catch up on Dinah's book.

Anonymous said...

Dark tourism and the Holocaust Museum? I don't see the connection. The Holocaust is dark alright, but going to the museum is, for many, about education and rememberance and out of respect to the memory of whatever family was wiped out. Maybe some go to gape at a lampshade made of human skin.

Anonymous said...

I should have gone to med school.

ClinkShrink said...

Anonymous: I agree, the Holocaust Museum is about remembrance and preserving history. In the Dark Tourism discussion I said those were two reasons why people visit the places they visit, like Civil War battlefields. I also mentioned Arlington Cemetary. Dark Tourism isn't all about ghoulishness.

Gerbil said...

Mrs. Gerbil and I are off for a really belated honeymoon in a few days... and (having bought one of those earphone jack splitters) I've convinced her to listen to #23 and #24 with me on our long, long plane ride.

She's never heard the podcast--so these better be good! (How's that for post-hoc pressure?)

Anonymous said...

This podcast is hilarious! Poor Dinah...heehee ;-)