Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shrink Mania: Post & Podcast Contents for the Past Few Days

Roy comes out from under floor boards on the weekend. He's out, in case you haven't noticed. I posted. Roy posted. He got up last week's podcast. He's getting up this week's podcast (Done -R). He posted. He posted. Clink stopped over to visit and pick up a helmet last night. She ran out saying she was going to blog about....oh I'll leave you guessing. It hasn't shown up yet, but I'm sure it will. I posted. At this point, we need a table of contents, so here goes:

DBH gene in cocaine-induced paranoia: Roy tells us why some mice might be more prone to cocaine addiction. CLICK HERE

Chinese Psychiatry and Internet Traffic for Blogs and Podcasts: Roy ponders why our My Three Shrinks podcasts gets hundreds of views from China while Shrink Rap gets NonE: CLICK HERE

Podcast #23: It's here, it's shrinky, we ramble about random stuff. Click Here

Someone Knows the Trouble I've Seen: Dinah relates to a NYTimes article about a mom who Facebooks (it's now a verb). CLICK HERE

Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries! : Dinah discusses the termination of Tony Soprano's long-term psychotherapy. CLICK HERE

ClinkShrink writes prison fiction: a new endeavor, a new blog. CLICK HERE
All of Chapter 8 is up on Double Billing, Chapter 9 coming soon. Dinah's novel in progress and I'd love your feedback. Insults are fine. I like compliments too. CLICK HERE

I think I've got it all, at least the last few days worth. Roy, where's YOUR fiction?

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ClinkShrink said...

Dang, I'm gone for one day and this is what happens? I need to disappear more often.