Monday, July 11, 2011

Shrinky Blogs? And Please Take Our Sidebar Poll

Who reads Shrink Rap?  We have a vague idea (we think) who comments.  But who reads it?

We took a survey years ago [Roy: 2007], I thought we should repeat it.
Please choose a single identity--whichever best describes you.

Also, I'd like to put together a list of current psychiatry blogs.  If you're a psychiatrist with a Blog, please leave us your URL in the comment section and please please give a few-word description of your blog and how long you've been posting for.

If you're not a shrink, but you know of other Shrink Blogs, please let us know that as well.
I'm only interested in active, ongoing blogs. 
Thank you!


The Alienist said...

I'm a psychiatrist, psychology professor, and minor-league blogger. I enjoy your posts and wonder how you three come up with such consistently good topics. Congrats!

NancyNurse said...

Since I couldn't choose both, I'll comment. I'm both a nurse executive and a person who uses mental health services. I have enjoyed your site for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Mental health consumer here who's followed Shrink Rap for nearly three years now. Thanks for the blog; appreciate your authenticity and down to earth writing.

And since I missed the earlier placebo post discussion, I'll add this YouTube link here:

Dinah said...

Anon, I particularly liked the part of the youtube that asserts that people with good adherence to placebos die less. Off to take my sugar pill now.

NancyNurse-- glad to have you. I guess we have to guess which you were.

Alien-- we'll put your blog in our list. It's nice of you to be friends with the shrink2b kid. he's cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior nursing student interested in working in the mental health sector and contemplating the idea of pursuing a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner degree in the future.

I also read doctor psychobabble's blog occasionally...

Shrink2B said...

I think you know me by now, even though I've only been reading your blog for about 6 weeks now. I'm a Psychiatry resident who started Residency 11 days ago. I plan on keeping my blog very active, and again, thanks for the help.

I also follow Dr. Casada at

Battle Weary said...

Another person who falls into two categories here...ex-biller/coder, ex-CMA, waiting to hear from nursing schools, and person who uses mental health services.

SteveBMD said...

I know that you're familiar with my blog, Thought Broadcast, and I appreciate the links you've given me. As you know, I write about what I find to be "questionable" about psychiatry, how it's practiced, and who practices it.

I've been blogging for about 7 months and hope to remain as active as in the past, but I must warn you, I just started 3 new jobs (inpatient psych unit, adult outpt pharm clinic, child/adolescent clinic), and learning 3 different EMR systems (and remembering >11 passwords!!) will take a great deal of mental energy. Notice I said nothing about the demands of patient care... that's actually the part of the job I enjoy, it's the administrative & bureaucratic nonsense that upsets my sanity.

Other blogs I read regularly:

Carlat Psychiatry Blog
Child In Mind
Mind Hacks
The Last Psychiatrist

Some addiction blogs:

Dawn Farm
Stinkin' Thinkin'
The Trusting Heart

I've also been following Shrink2B's blog and enjoy it. Today's post, in particular, proves that he and I have a lot in common. :)

Anonymous said...

grad student in a psychiatry lab and someone who uses mental health services.

lalita said...

Hello Trio,

I am an engineer.
This is a great deal of learning, not to mention a good diversion.

And I particularly like Roy's copious amounts of techie posts!

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Decisions. decisons.
Someone who uses mental health services and social worker who works with people who use mental health services. Also qualified as a family member of a patient; that falls further down my list in terms of my identity.

Novalis said...

I'm a Shrink Rap-reading psychiatrist and have blogged (at some times more consistently than others) at

It's hard to describe, but it basically involves links between psychiatry and the arts as well as loose forays into theory and philosophy of mind.

Daniela said...

Re Self-Disclosure post: Clap! Clap! Clap! Well said! Great post!

Kudos to you, Dinah, Roy and Clinkshrink for so many things. The blog, the book, the range of ideas, for writing on complexities that read easily, for taking on representing the field in a thoughtful, even-handed and human manner.

I've followed the site for years, but have commented only rarely. How I would love to hang out with you guys! Over a meal perhaps, or maybe outside in the backyard. Yak about shrinkdom, ducks, whatever. You're so congenial.

I've only recently subscribed. Good god, you post a lot. How do you do it? I find it a challenge to post once a week!

Next week is the one year anniversary of my blog, Shrink Unwrapped. Yes, I riffed off your title. Why not? You're my inspiration. From my About page: "This blog unwraps the professional package a bit, gives you a glimpse of the view from my chair." Humorous commentaries, essays, occasional fiction and poetry, I use whatever form works to convey the insight currently burning a hole in the keyboard. Naturally you’re on my blogroll. This week, my post gives you guys some link love. Not that you need it. But can we ever get too much acknowledgement? The post comments on your posting of Bows and Beards. Or is it Beards and Bows? Smiles! Daniela

Unknown said...

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, always seeking to enhance psycho-pharmacological understanding for the sake of my clients.

Jude said...

I don't feel random, and I suppose I would both be in treatment and have a family member in treatment if we only had health insurance and could therefore *afford* treatment. So I feel that you don't *really* want to know who I am.

Anonymous said...

I'm a swedish psychiatrist. I sometimes consider the fact, that what happens to you, may in time, and very soon, happen to me.

Shh said...

'Shrink unwrapped' is a good shrinky blog.

Shh said...

Hmm, blogger is hungry? Let me try again:

Have you read "Shrink Unwrapped?"
It's a good blog.

Shh said...

Or have you heard of "Sizing up the Shrink?"

Anonymous said...

Christer: Yes, "there but for the grace of God...". For those who do not believe in God, it is equally true that we are all just a split second away from a very different life, one we never would have imagined.

TheSV said...

I took the poll and, like many others, fit into multiple categories. I'm a psych student on the career path, a person who uses mental health services and a family member of people who use mental health services. I chose person who uses services since I could only pick one.

Anonymous said...

You need a student option. I'm not a psychiatrist *yet* but I play one in my career plans, and "random interested person" isn't quite right either.

Steven Reidbord MD said...

I'm a psychiatrist who posts 400-800 word essays, monthly more or less, to my blog on various psychiatric topics. I get inspiration from NY Times articles and other media, and also from my own practice, teaching, and the wonderful world of CME. Most of the photos are my own too. I'm especially interested in dynamic therapy, psychiatry in popular culture, and the perils of unfettered pharmaceutical promotion. I also use my real name, which seems a rarity in the psychiatric blogosphere.

Mensagitat said...

Academic C/L and addiction psychiatrist who's followed your blog and podcasts for ~5 years since late in my residency. I've really enjoyed your stuff over the years, especially when you were bringing in guests. There's a missing niche in the mental health bogging/podcasting world for interviews with great experts analagous to to what Russ Roberts does with economics experts at Econtalk. Being close to Hopkins you've got a wealth of local talent (like when you had Ray DePaulo on). Kay Redfield Jamison or Paul McHugh would be great if you could get them...


Roy said...

Mensagitat, thanks for the feedback. We'll try to get McHugh on; I think he was too busy before but maybe he'd have time again. Say, maybe I'll work on Rob Buchanan and Will Carpenter. Tony Lehman would be good too. And Steve Sharfstein and Bob Roca. All local.
And thank you anons & Nancy & alienist & 2b and steveb & daniela and the rest.