Monday, July 04, 2011

Podcast 59: A Brief Chat

This is the first My Three Shrinks podcast since the publication of our book, Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work.   We had a little production glitch and the podcast is a bit slow for the first two minutes, and it's a bit shorter than our usual.

  • We talk about the process of writing the book and the issues that physicians fact when writing about their patients and whether this is different for psychiatrists versus other physicians.  Clink talks about her post Doctors Who Write and discuss the dilemma doctors face when writing about their patients.
  • We talked about how we chose names for our characters in the vignettes.
  • Roy talked about AADPRT (he likes acronyms) which obviously stands for American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Training and their link on how to use social media.  Roy notes that he is growing old (the rest of us aren't) because he began a Schizophrenia researcher Listserv twenty years ago on Gopher.
  • In the next podcast, we answer reader questions: Sarebear wants to know what a "nervous breakdown" is and we respond to a question about how it may be harder to make psychiatric diagnoses in people with co-existing autism. But we didn't talk about those things in this podcast. 


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Sarebear said...

Sounds good!

I'll obviously look forward to the next one as well, for obvious reasons lol but the autism thing, and psychiatric diagnoses in such people being maybe harder? That is SO timely for me since there's two conditions I wonder about in my daughter, psychiatrically wise . . . one is well way more obvious than the other, but she's said enough things that fit the other to raise enough ?'s in my mind to have her assessed for that too (well, they'd probably check for a variety of conditions) once I get her on Medicaid (THAT's been annoying.)

I am rapidly discovering that having a teen with autism is different than a child with autism; some issues remain the same but new ones are like dandelions and so many unexpected things.

Sarebear said...

I'm listening to the podcast and I can vouch for the candy ducks. ;)

Sarebear said...

Not to hog the thread (oink!) but I enjoyed this podcast. Thanks for doing these!