Friday, July 15, 2011

Shrink Blogs 2011

We used to have a blog roll on the sidebar.  Apparently, we don't anymore.  We have everything else on our sidebar, including a complete list of....  oh, nevermind.

It has occurred to me that we have been blogging for a very long time and during that time, many of our shrink blogging buds have come and gone.  I got attached to those people we knew when we were new and I spent more time reading 'other peoples' blogs'...oh where did Lily (drivingmissmolly) ever go?  And does Shiny Happy Person, the young shrink across the pond, still Shine?  I know Carrie and Fat Doctor are out there, and I was so pleased to get email from FooFoo5 when he heard us on NPR. keeps things real.

So I thought I try to get a list of current Shrink Blogs together.
Here are the oldies (meaning they've been around since roughly 2005):
I believe The Last Psychiatrist is the one of the oldest out there. 
Dr. Michelle Tempest has also been out there longer than we have on 
A Psychiatrist Who Learned From Veterans belongs to a Texas psychiatrist.  
Novalis blogs on  Ars Psychiatrica.
Turbo, over on May Shrink or Fade--- I forgot he existed, but he's blogging about how he lost 25 pounds doing air squats and eating beans, if you're interested.

Newer on the list:
Moviedoc blogs over on Behavenet and has an impressive list of stuff there.

Steve B. blogs on Thought Broadcast, definitely worth visiting.
Shrink Unwrapped, used to be the Oracle at D--she's now releasing her name and photo.
Danny Carlat blogs on the Carlat Psychiatry Blog

The Alienist (I'm not so sure about this handle, feels too ET-ish)
1boringoldman is a retired psychiatrist in Georgia who writes about his "political ravings."
David Allen blogs over on the Dysfunctional Family blog---or something like that. Good stuff, check it out.
There's kiddy stuff on Child In Mind
The Sports Psychiatrist-- self-explanatory, I think
Dr. Shock is a Dutch psychiatrist who is rather stimulating.
Dr. Steven Reinbord also has a shrinky blog.
Sizing Up the Shrink is the new kid on the block and we welcome him!
Dr. Psychobabble is another resident in training.

Let me give a plug to some local Maryland shrinks with blogs, folks we know:
Gordon Livingston is a psychiatrist and author who blogs on Psychology Today on Lifelines: Do check out his writing.
Roger Lewin is a psychiatrist, poet, and author.
Dean McKinnon is another Psychology Today blogger and author of  Trouble in Mind.
Meg Chisolm just started a blog on social media and medical education.

How'd I'd do?  If I missed you or someone you love, please let me know and I will update this post.
Podcast Number 60 went up yesterday.
Please vote on our sidebar poll.  Please just pick an identity and don't lose any sleep over it.


rob lindeman said...

ET-ish? Surely you've heard of the English name for your profession that preceded "psychiatrist"?

wv = sisights. Where I've got yoyou.

Anonymous said...

Here then is shrink blog whose name will satisfy Rob. He may not agree with the contents but he will like the title.

The Alienist said...

I chose the name because at the time it seemed like I was practicing an older form of psychiatry than most of my peers. It seemed to have an "antique-y" feel to it.

By the way, it seems that there is an error in your link to "Child in Mind." It takes us to Mind Hacks.

Thanks for the list. Great reading.

David M. Allen M.D. said...

Thanks for the props.

Dinah said...

I fixed the Child in Mind link. Thank you. Nice to have you all visiting.

Dinah said...

I fixed the Child in Mind link. Thank you. Nice to have you all visiting.

The Girl said...

I'm still around but I'm not technically a trainee yet, so I didn't respond. I just wanted to say hi! :)

Daniela said...

Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Since we are are talking about blogs: I have learned 200 things the hard way already, but I have a million question questions before we are even launching. Is there anybody out there who knows of a blog for executive directors/psychiatric directors of nonprofit clinics? Or should I start one?

moviedoc said...

Thanks, Dinah! Given that there must be over 40k psychiatrists in the US alone it's amazing more of us are not blogging.