Thursday, November 05, 2009

Too Interesting For Twitter

I had to put this up on the blog because it was just too quirky to Tweet. A prisoner in the U.K. filed suit to request visitation rights for his cat:

Cat Banned From Visiting


Anonymous said...

That's funny! My cat is mother repellant. I tell my mom that I don't even want a cat but I have her just to keep her away because she's allergic. :-) She knows I'm kidding and that I love them both but it's it is a bonus that Mom can't stay around too long.

Sarebear said...

That's not the cat's meow, for that inmate.

Not mocking his religion though, but proving reincarnation and then a particular person's reincarnation in non-human form, well, that'd be a hard one . . . .

Who's caring for his mum/cat while he's in jail?