Friday, November 13, 2009

FDA & Social Media Hearing: #FDASM Word Cloud

Twitter was awash with thousands of tweets (click link to left to read them) the past few days regarding the FDA's hearing today and yesterday about regulation of pharmaceutical marketing on the internet and using social media. Above is the word cloud for the tweetstream on the topic (minus all the references to fdasm, fda, RT,, http, etc).

If you want to dive deeper, check out the links on and on A list of links to many of the presentations are available here. Public comments to the FDA are being accepted through Feb 28, so go to one of the above links to find the public comments page if you have something to say about this area. The controversies involve things like providing fair balance in 140 characters, making it easier to find plain English info on adverse effects, and whether the FDA rules about drug companies hunting down every mention of adverse effects should be revised based on the preponderance of user-generated content out there.

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