Sunday, June 29, 2008

Links To Assorted Stuff

Hey, so folks have been letting us know about some cool stuff. I'm just now getting a chance to link you in:

Eric from CBS News let us know about a special on Women Vets and their unique issues. Well, I said links to cool stuff, and this was actually really sad stuff. As time goes by, I imagine we'll be hearing more about specific mental health needs in women who've been in combat.

Roberta Isleib wrote to us from Connecticut. She is a psychologist and a mystery writer. I carry a soft spot for shrink/novelists, so here is a link to Roberta's Website.

I went to visit FatDoctor's Blog today. Apparently she's having issues with here curly hair. And apparently there's a blog devoted to naturally curly hair. I can relate, however I found it interesting that there are two types of curly hair: you can be Juliana Margulies or Nicole Kidman. I guess I'm in my own category with wild crazy madwoman hair that frizzles and frizzles some more. Fat doctor has tried a bunch of stuff, I may eventually opt for that Brazilian keratin hair straightening thing. I'm told if you don't leave it on for too long you can keep your curls while bypassing the frizz. If you've tried it, by all means let me know.

Finally, if you're a reader of FooFoo5's blog, he's back after an extended absence.


Anonymous said...

Another link to assorted stuff:

Canada’s Globe newspaper has an on-line special report on Canada’s mental health system called Breakdown. It has in depth profiles on the impact of bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and OCD on individuals and their families, as well as a range of articles on issues such as the the stigma of mental health, mental illness in the workplace, and proposed solutions to address the crisis. Readers are invited to submit their stories and the Globe has committed to sending all of these to every member of the Canadian Parliament in a bid to break down the stigma of mental illness.

Makes for good reading and well worth checking out at:

Aqua said...

As per the "curly hair" dilemma. My sister is a hairdresser and she specializes in doing black people's hair and very curly hair. She does a wonderful job of reining in the curls and making them manageable for her clients. Maybe look for a hairdresser that specializes like her. (Unless of course you love your curls...which of course us people with straight hair would die to have:>)

NeoNurseChic said...

My hair stylest finally helped me to get my curls under control. I'm still not totally happy with how *I* do it, and I use little butterfly clips in my now quite short hair (the longest bit is just past the bottom of my ears). Now - I would say that I do not have Juliana or Nicole curls, frankly. It's not as tightly curled as Juliana, but how does one compare to Nicole Kidman's? She's got like 10 different types of curls, depending on what picture you look at!

But anyway - now I'm using a medicated shampoo, then Catwalk Curls Rock conditioner, and then the best product is Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, which is a creme to put in after combing (if one can do this with curly hair) through hair. Then I use a diffuser to dry my hair just a bit - I don't dry it all the way. Then finally, I use Aussie "Sprunch" hairspray, which keeps the frizz out. Oh, and if I want to straighten some of the curls around my face (to make it less harsh, according to hair stylist), then I use Redken Rewind 06.

I use totally different stuff when straightening my hair, so for me to travel anywhere requires an extra bag for just bathroom stuff alone. My boyfriend loathes this. haha

Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse all at once!

Take care,
Carrie :)