Sunday, June 08, 2008

Grand Rounds Coming to Shrink Rap June 24

Hey, folks.  Thought I'd just give y'all a heads up that we will be hosting Grand Rounds on Tuesday, June 24, 2008.  So, if you are a blogger and want to submit something, stay tuned to this space.

We are planning something special again for Grand Rounds this year (if you don't know what this is, here is the one from this past week).  Last year, Clink designed a Clicky Brain, so that one could go to different categories of posts by clicking on a map or the brain.  We hadn't seen an image map used like this on Blogger until then, so it was the cat's meow... "the bee's knees", as my resident colleague, David Rosenberg, would say.

So, we have to come up with something unique again, of course.  I will keep that a surprise until June 24 (clue: "one more thing").  But I will leave you with one tidbit.  We will do an entire podcast about the Grand Rounds submissions.  Yep, each of the submitted posts will get some air time.  

So stay tuned.

Until then, check out John Crippen's NHS Blog Doc on June 10 and Mariana's Eye Blog on June 17.

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Awake and Dreaming said...

oh oh, pick me pick me, support my shameless quest for blog readers!!! (lol).

I will write about things very relevant and exciting with regards to homelessness instead of my usual ramblings about how much the shelter system sucks and why my coworkers hate me!