Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 6: Advice on Manipulating Your Psychiatrist

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Despite the Ravens' unfortunate defeat yesterday, we will still be able to provide you this new podcast (which was recorded last week).

January 14, 2007:
Topics include:
  • Emergency calls: what constitutes an emergency, and how do psychiatrists handle after-hours calls?
  • Phone messages: what do shrink-types put on their voice mail greeting, instructing patients what to do in an emergency?
  • Top 10 Favorite Search Phrases for 2006: includes such classics as "how to worry your psychiatrist", "advice on manipulating your psychiatrist", "sex with fish", "how to talk to your shrink so he will listen", and "how to get cats from under the floorboards".
  • OmniBrain kudos.
  • Beta Blogger Blues.

Find show notes with links at:

This podcast is available on iTunes. You can also listen to or download the .mp3 or the MPEG-4 file from


Anonymous said...

Just listened to the podcast. It was fun.

For the record, I don't know exactly what foofoo's problem with beta blogger was (although I do wish he'd find his way back to the blogosphere), but I've had good luck with the new blogger.

Midwife With a Knife (blogging when I should be working)

Anonymous said...

Roy, You've now posted Podcast 5 and Podcast 6 only 5 days apart. At this frequency, we'll all have to move in together.

sophizo said...

I did NOT...I repeat...did NOT google "sex with a fish" while in CA! If I had, then I would have taken myself straight to the ER because there would have been something VERY wrong going on in my head. haha! Is it even possible for a girl to have sex with a fish????? How big a fish would it have to be? **shiver** :-/ That's a gross thought. Yuck!

I just had to set the record straight.

hmmmm...since you gave me the idea, maybe now I'll start messing with your search terms. ;-)


Rach said...

Fantastic podcast - IMO, the best one yet.

Keep them coming!

Sarebear said...

I'm not gonna put down the duckie, you can't make me!!

After that podcast, I'll be putting down the guinea pig . . . (chuckle, chuckle . . . ) Guess I'd better not ROFLMAOPIMP after that, then . . .

Technically, dolphins aren't fish, but I ran across a site once . . . (I love dolphins, but not THAT kind of love, I was googling something else about dolphins)


Now you'll get hits on THAT. *takes a deep bow*

DrivingMissMolly said...

Is it just me, or did anyone have it cut off on them? I listened to the mp3 version, BTW.

Nice podcast. Good, giggly fun. [Beavis and Butthead voice] huhuhhhhuhuuuuuuu Dinah said 'ass' huhhuuuhuuhhuuuuu Roy said 'erection.' huhhuhuhuuhuhuuh

I'm just having a little cabin fever in icy Fort Worth.

Sorry I deleted that post on "coverage" that y'all referred to. If I could retrieve it I would, but I don't know how so I can't.

Take care!


Dinah said...

To Carrie:
Your HowTo questions are for my co-bloggers. My technical abilities are limited. I did enjoy listening to Once Upon A Dream! There was a part in the middle that had a little fuzziness. I didn't listen to the other one yet.

To Lily:
I saved your response. Can I paste it in?

Clink: Hope your recovery from the flu continues. Again, scream if you need anything. I hear Roy makes great chicken noodle soup down there under the floor boards.

I saw The Pursuit of Happiness tonight. Cute & ultimately uplifting.

NeoNurseChic said...

Dinah: Thanks! I figured the co-bloggers would address the howto questions...even though I have just declared that I cannot read a 31 page manual while temporarily off my ADD drugs. (Sorry...always must drift back to psychiatry in some way somehow!)

Thanks for listening to the song! I know about the fuzziness - I think it's because at that point, I'm singing loudest and playing loudest so it had some "blare" in it. Not exactly sure how to get rid of that except to avoid belting, which is tough for me with my voice range! I could invest in a better microphone, but I actually am pretty pleased with the recording quality of this one - minus that little part! I'm so excited that I am listening to my piano/vocals in itunes that it's not even funny. Now I can finally make cds for my family! How cool is that?!?! I've been making them tape casettes for years....I even made my psychiatrist a tape casette - although I did give him copies of my 2 piano cds. While I love those cds to bits and pieces, I really was sad that I couldn't find a way to record my vocal stuff! I'm so excited (or...chuffed to bits! as my friend Helen would say in England) that I can do this now!!! (I know I'm a dork....) Can't wait to learn how to put the songs on the 'net.

I plan to listen to the podcast tonite, too. Will reply again with feedback on that! Sorry to ramble on as usual....or worse right now! ;)

Take care,
Carrie :)

DrivingMissMolly said...


Sure, of course you may paste it in.


NeoNurseChic said...

Very cute podcast. I liked it. Going back to the coverage posts - I liked that whole topic - I ended up having a chat with my psychiatrist about that very issue during those posts. He's away this week, and he said that he has left the name and number of the person covering for him on his voice mail. Half tempted to call the VM and see what the message says. Interesting what blog posts can start! It was the first time I'd told him about the couple of times I'd tried to page him but never heard back. I had always assumed that he'd gotten the pages and ignored them or turned his pager off because it was "after hours" (coincidentally, his VM does say to go to the ER or crisis response center in an emergency...wonder if that subconsciously made me think he was unavailable - esp with the pages). As it turns out, he does make every effort to answer pages after hours, too.

Glad we talked about that! And we probably wouldn't have but for the coverage posts. So thanks! ;)

Again - nice podcast! I spent all night obsessing over music and podcasts (when I go near my piano and start entertaining my musical right brain, then I'm stuck there all night - it's more addicting than crack...), so I'll have to put up a podcast sometime soon! Tomorrow I'm going to record a bunch of songs to make a cd. So fun!! :)

Carrie :)