Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Roy's Top 10 Search Phrases of 2006

Okay, here's another end-of-year-list.  I scanned through the search terms that people googled to get to one of our blog pages, and here is the list of my 10 favorite phrases (meaning I found them funny, bizarre, or just downright disturbing).

10.  pregnant bucking broncho

9.  how to talk to your shrink so he will listen

8.  too much red pepper

7.  girls having sex with fish  (haha... "Get the new DVD Now!! "Fish Gone Wild")

6.  i wanna work at a salt mine

5.  how to worry your psychiatrist

4.  Explain ad with Abe Lincoln and the Beaver

3.  when guinea pigs squeal what does it mean?

2.  advice on manipulating my psychiatrist

1.  how to get cats from under floorboards  (I just can't stop laughing about this one)

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jcat said...

ok... I had no idea that so many people and so many cats were involved with floorboards. 173 000 of them. That's a humungous number for all three items.

Did you see any cats while you were under there??

Sarebear said...

Just send Dinah w/her famous giblets. That'll get 'em right out!

That could sound rather wrong, if read a certain way (said after little sleep this week and sick so's if I'm not making any dollars or sense, that's why!) I mean that as an xplanation, not a narcisissitic hey give the sick girl some attention. Lol.

Sarebear said...

Oh, and I found #'s 9, 5, and 2, hilarious and well not so good for whomever is searching those, and their psychiatrist. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everybody has pets doing weird thing (guinea pigs sqealing, girls having sex with fish (?!?!?) cats under the floorboards (if my cats were under the floorboards, I'd just wait, and assume that they'd find the same way out they took in.)) or wants to manipulate their psychiatrist.

Weird. I have to say, I tried to follow some of the links to see what the answers were to the questions. Didn't find much. I still don't know what it means if a guinea pig squeals or how I can work in a salt mine.

- MWAK (currently commenting impaired)