Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank Quack You!

I'm not sure what to say. I've never gotten anything quite like this.

In honor of the upcoming holidays, one of our blog readers has donated a flock of ducks to a family in need. Wow! Look how happy that kid looks with all his ducks in a row.


Heifer International is a nonprofit that alleviates hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation through gifts of food and income producing farm animals and training. These animals provide a source of protein, such as eggs and milk, for children and generate income for families through the sale of animal products. Since 1944 Heifer has helped over 4 million families in 125 countries become self-reliant. Each family "passes on the gift" by giving one or more of its animal's offspring to another family in need.

This is very exciting. Clink will be making sauce for all the ducks , family members will have a choice of bing cherry sauce or l'orange. Roy is relieved, these meals will spare a few fish and with those failing fisheries, every poultry meal helps.

So to DrivingMissMolly: Thank You from the Shrink Rappers.

Please note that Fat Doctor has also posted about holiday gifts to the doc. I'm not sure what to send in her honor. Perhaps we could send Midwife with a Knife baby pics of the little ducks?



ClinkShrink said...

Wait a minute, you're putting me in charge in the kitchen??

All my meals are BYOFE (Bring Your Own Fire Extinguisher).

Sarebear said...

Oh, wow! Is that a pic of the actual kid, or just a stock photo?

Ducks, how appropo . . . .

I feel a teeny tiny bit of butterfly effect goodness here . . . . I brought up this idea, but in NO way am I trying to take credit from whomeverr did it!

It's ok and appropriate, though, for me to realize, HEY, I brought this subject forward, and now, possibly because I had a teeny bit of influence by bringing it up, a family in need now has a means of income????

Just that teeny tiny bit that I might have had some kind of a positive effect on the world is . . . . WOW. THANK you whomever did that!

I think Heifer might have been the site I was thinking of when I brought it up, but I'm not sure (I'll look it up in my past emails and find out what sites I had seen).

I am in NO WAY trying take anything from the person who did this! I just felt a teeny tiny, hey wait, there's this chain of events here . . . .

I might have had a small part in improving somebody's life!

That just is . . . . just the tiny piece of feeling the thread of that discussion and then someone acted on it . . . . from someone who feels like all they do is bring bad to the world, . . .

That is AWESOME!!! I feel like playing duck, duck, goose, now. I think they give geese sometimes, too. Hee hee.

Of course, that gift isn't about me at all, I know that! But from the depths of self-hatred and despair, from the flat dead I feel inside, this brought me out of it for a second.

DAMN it! Why do I sound like everything's about me? I know it's not, but I can't help commenting from my point of view; I wish I had a different one, a different personhood and personality to boot. Anything other than me.

I'm glad there's such giving people in the world!

UGH. I should just shuddup now. Any word I utter is about me, and therefore unacceptable. Any word I type is about me, and therefore self-centered and selfish.


Steve & Barb said...

MissM... Very cool! What a sweet thing to do. Thanks for the flush in honor of this worship of writing docs. I am really touched.

(And Sare, you did good. Enjoy it.)

Sarebear said...

Thanks. I'm going to call my iatrist tomorrow, and ask about upping my meds for awhile, since I'm all over the map in all areas of my life.

I am not reporting this to you guys in any medical capacity, and reiterate to people out there that they do not blog with medical advice to anyone in any capacity, and thought about not posting it at all, but since some of my comments since the hearing have been especially . . . well, swinging all over the place, I thought, as acquaintances in general, and as I've interacted from time to time with some of your other readers on their blogs and mine, that I'd post it so's people know that I'll be ok.

When I get all twisted up in a vortex of distortion, it gets difficult. Thanks for accepting me as a commenter, reader, and acquaintance.

Midwife with a Knife said...

*giggle* That's just ducky! (sorry... couldn't resist). I could put up a picture of baby ducks, if I had one *hint*, with a link to shrink rap. Unless in my technological handicapness I ended up linking it to Saran Rap (an entirely different kind of shrink rap all together... but still might be useful with ducks.)

Steve & Barb said...

Just when you thought it was safe... Cheney goes duck hunting again. Are there any wealthy Republican attorney supporters left to shoot?

Sarebear said...

When he goes duck hunting, everybody should duck . . . .! eek.