Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey OmniBrain...

Four posts in one day may be a record for ShrinkRap. This one is for our blog friend Steve over at OmniBrain, who had an unfortunate accident with his cat. I felt obliged to respond on behalf of all blogger pets:


Buttercup was dressed in tiny costumes and humiliated as a piglet and so he has anger issues. He has been treated with Seroquel, Risperidal, Ritalin, Cylert, Strattera, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, lithium, valproic acid, Tegretol and clonidine. He has had individual and family counselling, anger management therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and a structured behavior plan. His family has mortgaged the house to pay for his medication, therapy, Level 5 schooling, residential treatment, private attorney, victim restitution and the costs of his juvenile probation. He will be coming to my prison next week. I know the first thing he is going to say:

"I keep begging for help, but all they ever do is lock me up!"


NeoNurseChic said...

Haha... Why do we all have these crazy pets? I think sometimes they need more psychotherapy than us humans! Tony has some serious unchecked aggression issues - no doubt about that! This is noted by the fact that I have to remove all the knobs off my stove since he has tried to commit homicide/suicide once before!

At any rate - very cute pic!

I'm getting ready to go to my parents' house for the weekend (sometimes you just need a hug from your parents!) - and my dad told me not to bring the cat (he hates cats) - he said he took the screens out of the windows so that Tony will jump out of them. He's totally kidding, but it made me laugh - which is just what I need lately! Tony and I will both be leaving for the 'rents house within an hour most likely! :)

Have a great weekend!
Carrie :) (And Tony, too, I guess...!)

Anonymous said...

I saw Carrie's post on my email. had no clue what she was talking about when it hit me: Clink must've posted. Go check out the Blog. Hi Blog. Plus I thought that the overly aggessive Tony was Tony Soprano, not that crazy cat in Philly.
Have a good weekend everyone....

NeoNurseChic said...

Nice association - he does have a South Philly Italian personality...that's for sure!

But no - Tony is my insane, aggressive, hyperactive, sharp-toothed year old kitty....who occasionally has been known to turn on burners, bite my knee when I go to bed, and chew on my hair while I sleep on the couch....amongst other destructive behaviours to get out his anger!

Sarebear said...

You're prolly already gone, Carrie, but have a great time! And keep that kitty away from your parents' stove!

I wonder if there's ever been any incidents where a pet did that, and the cops ruled it suicide. Suicide is sad all around, of course, but to be innocently done in by your own pet and then have everyone go through the extra difficulties emotionally of thinking it was suicide, on top of the loss . .

Ok, so sometimes my mind whirls and whirls on stuff and beats it to death. Ugh.

Great weekend, and no cooking for kitty!

Anonymous said...

clink, you have problems.
it may be more than the bound of friendship can handle. I hear Roy is accepting new patients. dinah

ClinkShrink said...

Dinah I was counting on you to provide the psychodynamic formulation a la Put Down The Duckie.

Actually, the first thing he will say is "squeak squeak squeak" and then he'll pee on the couch.

NeoNurseChic said...


Thanks. I always take my laptop home, so I'm never really that far away from the computer! ;) I got home a couple of hours ago I guess it was. Tony stays in my brother's old room when we come home. We've already played with him a couple of times and he has tried to bite me exactly twice. I just took him out to say goodnight and when I put him back in the room, he jumped out of my arms. haha I gave him a new toy tonight to help appease him for pulling him out of my spacious apartment to spend the weekend in my brother's room!

I feel (emotionally) better just being at home. I was in one of those phases where I just really needed to be around my family. I gave myself my first methotrexate injection tonight - just about 10 minutes ago. Wasn't too bad! Off to bed now - with zofran on board! :)

Take care,
Carrie :)

Steve & Barb said...

I am not accepting new patients. All my patients are in the ER or the hospital... no time for outpatients, sorry.

ClinkShrink said...

For the human version of the Buttercup story, from the New York Times:

What’s Wrong With a Child? Psychiatrists Often Disagree

Loosely translated: "Why can't they fix my kid?"

ClinkShrink said...

And for Carrie and her psycho cat Tony and her Mac laptop, a video:

Cat On A MacBook Pro

NeoNurseChic said...

That was great!! The only thing I was hoping for was a little insight into how he actually rips the keys off the keyboard! I'm not usually one to sleep very deeply, but there was the one day that I was completely exhausted and had left my laptop open on a table next to the couch. And when I woke up, something like 9 of the keys were missing...and at that time, I couldn't find any of them! I eventually found all of them and they are now all back on the keyboard, but I was so mad! I could not figure out what possessed him to rip all the keys off my laptop!! He did it once before with my Dell, but the Dell laptop had snap-on keys. Then he did rip off one other key on the Mac a time before but the guy at Comp USA had gotten it back on. That was the day I also walked in with the shredded power cord. I couldn't even tell the guy at the help-desk what I needed without laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I think my face was beet red! Then everyone started to come out with stories of how their pets had wrecked their laptops...which made me feel a little better!

This morning - he really did a number....can't even take him places without him becoming destructive! My mom brought him in my room to wake me up around 9am I guess it was. After awhile of playing around, she decided to go downstairs and left him in the room with me. At that point, I was holding him on my bed. After maybe 15 minutes, I decided I wanted to go downstairs so I stood up while holding Tony to put him back in my brother's room...where all his stuff is. Something scared him, however, and just after I stood up, he leapt out of my arms - by pushing off me with his back claws out...and pushing off with extreme force. The sucker ripped 2 holes in my Alpha Epsilon Delta t-shirt (Pre-med honor society that I was in at Penn State)...and there is an inch long cut on my left upper arm. The other cuts....well....he jumped off me and ripped holes in my shirt...there are two very deep and long cuts on my Talk about seriously painful. So of course I had to wash my arm and chest in peroxide since it's cat claws that did this damage. Then today I was shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend. I actually got the dress right away because my mom's best friend is lending me a dress her daughter just wore to a wedding. But it's strapless - and I had to go get a strapless bra. And I apologize for the graphics but after the injuries suffered by me at the claws of Tony this morning - it was a little painful to try on clothes and undergarments today!

I'm a little afraid to pick him up at the moment! Not sure what he's going to do next!!!

Great video - I'm going to show it to my mom tomorrow...I know she'll crack up. :)

Sarebear said...

OUCH, Carrie! Maybe they should change that term, "like a BAT out of hell" to, "like a CAT out of hell" . . .

Not that he's not lovable! But it sound like he was runnin' scared like a cat out of hell . . .

Er, not that your arms or chest are hell, although they probably HURT like hell.

Gee, how many times can I say hell? Lol.

Instead of "Cat got your tongue", I guess it's "Cat got your . . . "

Tony, what a boob. Er, cat. Hee hee.

All puns aside, I am SO sorry you are hurt! Of all the places to get clawed. Did you need stitches? owie I'm just cringing at the thought.

The perils of pet ownership. I was clawed on the arm (didn't break skin) as a child and have been nervous ever since, except I love cats! Except my dad hates em, and I married someone allergic (how about that hairless breed! Still can set off the very WORST WORST allergies, but safe for most).

Hope you have a good weekend, with no more claws for concern, on the pet front. Or your front.


NeoNurseChic said...

He is definitely a cat out of hell. I just carried him downstairs and after a few minutes, I brought him back up here - but my mom didn't think about this before turning on the little shark hand vaccuum. Even though we were upstairs and she was downstairs - he got scared and jumped again...this time leaving long scrapes in my left wrist - they're just superficial, but the one is about 5 inches long!

This morning, my mom said, "Had I known you could get the back claws also removed, I would have had you look into that." I personally think that's inhumane, but I can kinda see her point. Inhumane versus having kitty cause massive pain and destruction? Maybe I just need to not pick him up!! (He never does this at home - but that's because it's just him and surprising sounds for the most part!)

And no, I didn't need stitches from either incidents. He's such a nut...


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