Friday, November 10, 2006

Online CBT

This is just a quick note. I came across a website tonite that is providing free Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Let us know if any of you have checked it out. MoodGym.


Sarebear said...

Hey! All three of you, posting in a row, like ducks all lined up in a row . . . . QUACK!

I knew you guys were quacks . . . . hee hee hee.

HP said...

I posted about this back in September at

I've spent some time looking at it but need to go back againin detail, although one of my patients (who discovered it herself) has said it's a useful adjunct to therapy sessions..helps reinforce some of the concepts from therapy.

Sarebear said...

You know, for someone who is reluctant to pick up pen and paper, but likes interacting with the computer, maybe this will help them reinforce therapy too.

I could be talking about myself, there. I have alot of resistance to CBT and how pigeon holed I feel sometimes and how I feel like it can cut off dealing with what I'm FEELING sometimes and the insincerity (perceived, by me) or fakeness of Dr. Burns in his book, ie, the contrived-ness feeling of some parts of the CBT, and other stuff.

NeoNurseChic said...

I signed up. Never know - might just be one of those good therapy adjuncts as healthpsych says. The first module looks at depression as manifested by the thought process - having negative thoughts about self, negative biased interpretations of events, and negative views of the future. That's me. Not sure where this will go exactly, but I figure sometimes I can use all the help I can get! And it sounds kinda like a workbook or two I've used in the past and received some help from! (This was back in the day when I wasn't allowed to get help....)

I'll report back as the program progresses!