Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Roy: Quotes seen around the blogs

girl MD: "i've already had one cup this morning, but there's no such thing as too much coffee."

* * *

shrinkette: "I've made a rule here: 'No medical advice is given on this site.' But suppose that a commenter says: 'To taper a med, do A, B, and C.' Does that violate my rule? Should I delete the comment?"

* * *

bioethics: "Truth is an important component of the fiduciary responsibility of the physician to his or her patient. But as with the physician's prescription of a medication for treatment of a patient's illness, the maximum dose is not often the appropriate dose to prescribe, should the dose of truth administered to a patient be titrated too? "

* * *

blogborygmi: "If I were a fat pediatrician, I might be a little reluctant to counsel a fat child, myself, because, you know, little kids can't abstract like adults can."

* * *

mind hacks: "Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a technique whereby magnetic fields are used to temporarily alter the function of the brain by inducing an electrical current in the brain tissue. ... Much weaker magnetic fields (about the strength of a loudspeaker) ... have also been used to induce unusual experiences by stimulating the temporal lobes ... A new project called Open-rTMS aims to develop this latter type of system (actually, generally not referred to as TMS in the neuroscience literature) and publish the plans and software online. They're currently looking for people to sign up to the mailing list and kick the project off, so if you're looking for a way to alter your state of consciousness with magnets, this might be your chance."

* * *

rebel doctor: "On-line poker is a dangerous and seductive mistress. I fight her allure (usually unsuccessfully) every night."

* * *

john grohol: "I have not been able to see either of these [reality TV] shows since I don’t have access to that channel, but the premise of both is disturbing. I’m also troubled by the idea that there are likely psychologists working as consultants in designing the shows and the experiments."


ClinkShrink said...

Open-rTMS sounds like a fun project. Maybe they could invent small portable devices people could wear to generate the "much weaker magnetic fields". rTMShuffle for Father's Day?

Sarebear said...

Magnetic personalities only, need apply? hee hee.