Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quick Links

Here's a couple items for the curious:

If you've never been inside a prison cell (here's hoping that's most of you), I'm giving you a link to a virtual tour of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Specifically, a single cell inside the control unit prison.

And for readers who would like to send a "goodie package" to their favorite lifer in New York, here's a link to the Prison Store. And before you comment, I can tell you right now that they don't carry shanks, sedatives, tattoo kits or a "lock in a sock". If you thought profiteering in mental health was bad, take a look at this.

If you can't find your favorite lifer, you can try the inmate lost-and-found for state inmates, or the Federal Bureau of Prison inmate locator. (Yes, you can find the Unabomber. If you can spell his name.)


On the Same Page said...

You can bet that if the Prison Store had a My Girfriend is in Prison, I'd be on it.

jw said...

One of my college jobs was cleaning the cells at the Provincial courthouse. Two questions stick out in my mind:

Why can't male prisoners find the ashtray?

Why can't female prisoners find the toilet?