Thursday, March 21, 2013

Survey Results: Guns & Mandatory Reporting of Dangerous Patients. Is there a Difference in Perception of Willingness to Seek Care?

Here are the responses of the mandatory reporting survey.  Please note that this is not a scientific study and it has not been validated in any way.  The survey was done of Shrink Rap readers, plus I tweeted it a put it on Facebook briefly.  
Response indicate a person's perception of what they would do in a hypothetical situation.  Responses might vary if the respondent were actually confronted with a real-life situation.

Do you own a legal firearm?

Yes: Answer this if you own a legal firearm

9  50%
9  50%
No: Answer this if you do not currently own a legal firearm
58  73%
21     27%


Narshin said...

I asked 15 people if they had ever met a Martian. 2 said yes. 13 said no. I asked all 15 if they felt Martians should have the right to vote. Of those who had met a Martian, 1 said yes. The other said he wasn't sure and it depended on whether the Martian was right or left wing. Of those who had never met a Martian, 88 per cent agreed they should have the right to vote, the other 12 per cent said no. One person said he might change his mind if he ever did meet a Martian. One person volunteered the information that his current therapist was a Martian and planned to run for president against charlton Heston

jesse said...

@Narshin: Brilliiant!

Dinah said...

Cute! That's about the level of scientific inquiry that I was aiming for. Charlton Heston is dead, by the way.

narshin said...

Charlton Heston's death would not disqualify him in the eyes of a Martian