Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shrink Rap : The Audiobook!

You hate to read.  Or you hate to read books, blog posts are fine.  You haven't read our book Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Discuss Their Work because, ugh, it's reading a book.  
We have good news.  Our book is now available as an Audiobook.  You can listen.  Nope, we're not reading it, it's narrated by Colleen Patrick, a professional.   Our book editor says "It's emphatic, not droning."  So glad it's not droning.  
 Here is the Shrink Rap Audio Site.
So you can download the audiobook from Audible.com, or you can download it from Amazon or you can download it from iTunes.
 Ten hours and 27 minutes of psychiatry  What better way to spend a day?


Sunny CA said...

Great! I used to listen to books when I commuted by car. That is how I managed to get some books in my lives when I was drained by job & cummute.

Knot Telling said...

I bought the audio book at Audible.com and was looking forward to buying the Kindle version, too. What a disappointment to discover that the Kindle version is not for sale in the Middle East. (I'm in Jerusalem.)

Do you understand why they'll sell one version but not the other?

In any case, I'm looking forward to listening to it!

Dinah said...

Knot Telling, thank you so much for wanting our book in two versions! I forwarded your request to our publisher and heard back soon after that the "Amazon oracles" were on it.

Sunny CA -- Hi! I hope all is well with you.

Knot Telling said...

Thank you for checking it out, Dinah.

The reason I wanted both is that for many books, including yours, there exists something called "Whispersync for Voice", which syncs the Audible app and your Kindle (or Kindle app in my case) so that you can switch from reading to listening without losing your place. It's perfect for the way I read and listen to books!

(And not bad for their sales either, I'm sure...)

Anyway, thanks again for inquiring on my behalf.