Saturday, November 03, 2012


So, I've been taking a little break while ClinkShrink posts about the AAPL conference.  I always enjoy hearing about what she's learned there.  We both had the pleasure of being in the sky last weekend as we awaited the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, though my flight, the only one heading to the East coast from Milwaukee that was not cancelled,  did not include unscheduled stops in the wrong part of the country.  Clink and I were both pleased to get home, and even more pleased that our region was spared the brunt of the storm.  In 1999, a large tree fell on my house during Tropical Storm Floyd, and I've never liked storms since then.  If there's a post-traumatic tree disorder, I have it. 

So Seaside Height, New Jersey is a place I remember from my childhood.  The day I got my drivers' license, I drove two miles to a friend's house.  She and another friend jumped into the car and said, "Let's go to the beach."  Now I had been a licensed driver for six hours, and we didn't live near the beach.  "No," I said, "too far."  "Oh, come on."  Why not.  We drove to Seaside Heights, played games on the Boardwalk, and drove home.  No cell phones back then.  I dropped my friends off and returned home around 1:30 in the morning (no laws requiring midnight curfews back then, either).  I walked in and my mother greeted me with, "I was so worried, I thought you'd been caught in a flash flood."  Flash flood?  What flood? "It rained," I said.  She stopped and said, "Where were you?"  Ah, obviously someplace where it hadn't rained.  I like that memory and I don't like seeing photos of the rides in the water.  

To all those who are still feeling the effects of the storm, our hearts go out to you.

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