Monday, November 26, 2012

Practicing My Twittering Tweets

Today, I live tweeted psychiatry Grand Rounds from Johns Hopkins on Traumatic Brain Injury.  I've tried to do this before, but I got paged out after just a few tweets.  Today, I made it through the whole lecture.  I didn't tweet the patient presentation, just the lecture part.  I didn't have my laptop, or WiFi access, so I did it from my iPhone on the touch screen where my fat fingers sometimes hit the wrong key.  And while the speaker was excellent, she spoke really, really fast, and I missed a bit.  I did my best.  You can check it out at #jhhgr.  My tweets are a bit disorganized and fragmented, but it's not really the venue for precision.

Next week, the Maryland Psychiatric Society will be holding a seminar on how to do the new CPT coding and I'm hoping I can live tweet that. Again, no WiFi, and it will be my fingers flying as fast as they can on my phone. The seminar is much longer than the talk I tweeted today.  Maybe the speaker will talk a little slower.  So tune in, and if I can, I'll be tweeting the seminar at 6 PM  on  12/4 using hashtag #cpt.

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