Saturday, February 25, 2012

Podcast #66: The Professional Shrink Rap

Roy talks the top 25 search phrases that lead people to our Shrink Rap blog. 
They include, "Statistics of talking too much on a date,"  "World's largest zucchini,"  "Does Angry Birds make you depressed?"

We talk about when should a psychiatrist call in sick?  How sick is too sick?  How distracted is too distracted?  Are psychiatrists good at self-monitoring?

Roy discusses an article called Professionalism in Psychiatry. 

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Anonymous said...

"We talk about when should a psychiatrist call in sick? How sick is too sick? How distracted is too distracted? Are psychiatrists good at self-monitoring?"

At what point do you talk about this?

ClinkShrink said...

To all our listeners:

Ooops! I screwed up on the XML file when I posted the podcast. It linked to the last episode (#65). It's fixed now, but may take an hour or so to show up as podcast #66 on iTunes. I apologize for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

The ITunes link is still not working. Podcasts 65 and 66 are the same. The link on your own site works. A word to Roy: If all that Seroquel went into the casserole AND you are it, you would be rummaging around for another casserole an hour later. That stuff makes you hungry.

Dinah said...

It does appear that we can't count.

ClinkShrink said...

Sigh...OK, I updated the XML file again. This should really do it. Give it an hour or two to 'take' on iTunes.

SteveBMD said...

Great podcast... Regarding the avoidance of "financial transactions," I believe they're referring to getting stock tips from patients, going in on joint investments with a patient, using a patient as one's real-estate agent, etc. Your examples of selling one's book or "magnets" or whatever, seem to be okay. Dermatologists sell skin rejuvenation products, optometrists sell designer lenses, and plenty of "pop" psychologists sell their books, videos, and other materials in their offices.

Anonymous said...


All of that is true. It is one thing for a shrink to sell a book online or in a store but another to ask patients if they would like to buy a copy.