Sunday, October 23, 2011


I think I have officially caught the Toy Disease.  It's taken a long time, but oy, I've got a bad case.  

For starters, after losing my Macbook, I bought a new one and decided I should simultaneously fix all my techno problems.  My phone had terrible reception and many of my calls.  I got a new Samsung phone, a touch screen, and it was awful.  It dropped my calls, it switched to speaker if my face touched the screen, I couldn't cradle it on my shoulder and talk to Camel while I cooked dinner...not good.  I surrendered, and after many years of happiness with my dumb phones, I gave in, risked the last vestiges of anything that might resemble sanity, and bought an iPhone.  Excited, I came home to have teenager greet me with, "Why did you get that, a new iPhone is coming out in 3 weeks."  So, I went back to the phone store (I am now the most-recognized customer), and ordered a new iPhone 4s and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new phone.  I can't wait to meet Siri and have her negotiate all my problems. 

Okay, and a while back, I asked Shrink Rap readers to help me decide between a Nook and a Kindle.  I decided on a Kindle, but never got one.  And then I read about the new Kindle Fire.  Oy.  I've pre-ordered one.  

Now I'm thinking I "need" Apple TV.  What is wrong with me?

Finally, I have some questions for our readers:
  • Dropbox or iCloud?
  • Apple TV: yes? no?
  • How's it going with Siri?  What's the coolest thing you've asked it (?her) to do?


jesse said...

1) You need iCloud AND Dropbox. Dropbox up to 2GB is free. Works across platforms. Roy and Clink should have it and it will totally simplify your SR life. You will not need to email anything back and forth between you.

2) Apple TV is very useful, especially when one has a movie theater size TV screen as one of the SR people does...

3) You could ask Siri "Where is David" and lo! Siri will not only answer but show you on a map. In any city! And Siri has a sense of humor.

The problem, Dinah, is that you are having anguish because you think we know what we want and should make choices. Quite a while back I realized that if Steve Jobs thought I needed something I should just go out and get it, because he was always right.

The one exception I made was Apple stock. Did not buy it. And do I regret that brash act of independence.

Daniela said...

I take it Roy and Clinkshrink decided to let you live despite yesterday's post. Yay!

Roy said...

D, we've given up having any sense of control over her.