Thursday, October 27, 2011

Destined to Disappoint?

Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up my new iPhone.  Mind you, I've been an iPhone owner for about 4 weeks now, and I'm returning a month-old iPhone 4 to get a 4s.  I can't wait, the phone arrived today and I've had to restrain myself from going out in the rain tonight and waiting until tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to having Siri be my personal assistant.  For weeks now, whenever I look things up or schedule an appointment or send an email or text, I wonder: Will Siri do this?  Will it work?  Can I tell her to send text messages?  Do I need to switch back to iCal from my Google Calendar?  No big deal, right---I'll just tell her to schedule things and my calendar will be revised and moved in a matter of minutes?  Can Siri phone in prescriptions?  Can she preauthorize my life?   I'm excited as though I'm about to move in with a spouse in an arranged marriage. 

So have I built this up in my imagination? Is it too good to be true? You can bet that if Siri texts, Roy and Clink will be the first to know my new iPhone has arrived.  I'm finally going to be the kid on the blog with the newest toy: it's never happened before!


On another note, I am feeling rather cool.  Our Shrink Rap book was scraped by a Hip Hop site!
David would like to be credited with the title for this post.  Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Siri will be everything you have dreamed of and more......until Siri 11 comes out and is able to cook dinner, sweep the crumbs and take out the garbage.

jesse said...

You do not have to address Siri by her name, although it seems like the polite thing to do. I tended to say "Siri, would you please...." and I think that level of formality actually threw her off a bit.

By the time iPhone VI comes out you just might say, "Siri, did you read Dinah's latest blog?" and she would ask whether she should post a response on her own or whether you would like to do it.

An Englishman in the 1700's was asked how gentlemen of his class lived. He responded that he would not know, as their servants did that for them.

Liz said...

ohhhhh, can't wait.

Roy said...

She's been telling Siri to text us all day long.

"Siri, please make her stop."