Friday, October 14, 2011

Podcast #62: Sooner Rather than Later

We talk about the following topics:

  • Roy asks listeners to suggest a topic for our next book (Dinah and Clink suppressed all urges to scream).

  • Professionalism and social media for physicians.  Roy refers to a post he wrote and Mark Ryan's discussion of the challenges of determining what is professional in social media. We ramble a lot and Dinah talks to much.  Here is the AMA policy on Social Media.  Should psychiatrists put their poetry and their political beliefs up on the internet? We don't talk about Google+ now, but we do talk about not talking about Google+ now.

  • Clink and Dinah argue about whether we (the Shrink Rappers) know a lot about social media.

  • We discussed how Dinah isn't sure she believes that psychiatric patients die an average of 25 years before people without mental disorders.  Roy referred us to this article on life expectancy in chronic mental illness.  Is earlier mortality due to antipsychotic use?  Is it due to lack of coordination of medical care?  ClinkShrink tells us that people with personality disorders die more of all causes and we talk about who the studies address.

  • We finally discussed Google plus-- is it going to add to medical social media or is a party that no one is going to?  Roy likes it better than Facebook & Twitter and he invites you to join his Shrink Rap readers' circle.  ClinkShrink predicts that social media will die and Roy disagrees.  He talks about the PatientsLikeMe website and an article on How Google+ Could Transform Healthcare.  

  • We digress to topics of electronic medical records and what to do if patients don't want to know their diagnoses or do want to see their medical records.  I do believe we could talk about this subject for all eternity.  We came close.

No clue why ClinkShrink titled this "Sooner Rather than Later."

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Carrie said...

The topics look great!! I would love for someone to transcribe the podcasts I care about listening to - namely yours, Mike's. :) I keep white noise on much of the time (when home by myself) so that I can concentrate on my constant multitasking and writing. Listening to podcasts requires turning that off and solely focus on that one thing. That's asking a lot. ;) I don't even turn it off when sitting at the piano to bang some songs out!!

Maybe supplementary blog posts on each topic! :-D That would give you blog fodder for quite awhile!! :)

Dinah said...

Carrie, I thought you were our friend, instead you are going to set Roy off.....


Carrie said...

I'm sorry, Dinah!!! Blame it on the ADD...and my tendency to need white noise to drown out everything when trying to work and even just to have a calm quiet household existence. :) I hope we can still be friends. :-P

Seriously...what person with ADD (on no meds, mind you) do you know that can focus on a lengthy audio or video podcast? I will turn off the white noise when Jason is home - I figure he doesn't want to drown out all sound like I do. :) I can read like crazy, but any time audio or video things pop up automatically on websites (think: major news websites), I immediately click away. So sorry... :(

Fooey said...

I really want to like these Podcasts. I have listened to over 10 different ones and it just never gets better. I am FLOORED by the amount of wasted air time, endless talking about nothing, and just an overall lack of coherence. The presenters do not get along well and while that can sometimes be interesting, in this case it is always annoying. Shame

ClinkShrink said...

Fooey: I'm impressed you hung in there for ten episodes. We do all like each other although we also occasionally enjoy arguing. This will never change, although I think our podcasts have mellowed somewhat over time. Yes, we're disorganized. No apologizes there. We're volunteers, we're informal, we don't have time to organize. It's more fun for us to do it this way. And if it stops being fun, we stop doing it.

jesse said...

I'm not sure I understand Fooey at all.

The question of professional boundaries in psychiatry: the psychiatric relationship is a special extension of what is considered proper in all relationships in which one engages someone for professional ends. A mechanic, accountant, plumber, each has access to certain information and he is to use it only for the purpose intended. When you invite a plumber into your home he is to contentrate on the plumbing, not dwell on your art or the design of the home, and certainly not on how beautiful you are.

A psychiatric patient opens up extremely sensitive personal information, potentially quite more embarrassing and intimate than that seen by other physicians. Therefore the psychiatrist needs to behave in a way that not only takes no advantage of the information but also does not indicate that he is interested in it for any reason other than helping the patient.

The more the psychiatrist holds to this dictum not only is it easier for the patient to speak openly but the paychiatrist may learn of things that the patient has revealed to no one, perhaps information that he has had trouble admitting even to himself.

Keeping to proper boundaries is very important in psychiatry. Certain remarks which are common in ordinary social situations would be quite seductive in a psychiatric session.

We do not use our patients for our own gratification. That is the basic principle and it is essential if we are to help them.

Jane said...

would you guys consider putting your podcasts on you tube? i think that would be easier for some people (I'm talking about me). Might get a larger audience too.

jesse said...

UTube would be easier. One of the problems with the current setup is that once a podcast is on you cannot rewind it, or start it in the middle. At times I accidently turned it off and then had to listen all the way to the point I had left off at. Or is there some other way?

jesse said...

Ah, the mp3 file allows you to stop, start, and rewind...

Rach said...

I loved the rambly-ness of this episode. Lots of good food for thought on social media! Good work, y'all.

Dinah said...

When I've listened to our podcasts, I'm been amazed at how long we can talk about what we're going to talk about (or not talk about) without actually saying anything. In this one, I was impressed that we talked about talking for a particularly long time and that I talked to much. Usually ClinkShrink talks too much.

Fooey said...

Thanks Dinah for your insight and ability to see the situation objectively. Clinkshrink, I have listened for over 10-episodes for the nuggets that are delivered, once you actually get to talking about substance.

Jesse, interesting response about the nature of psychiatry. I could not agree more, however it is amazing how you are unable to connect, identify, or even acknowledge my point.

That is unless your job is a working as a plumber?


jesse said...

Fooey, I was responding to the delivery of your point and not the point itself.

Roy said...

@Carrie: transcribing podcasts... good idea, but I don't know who would take the time to do this, correct it, etc. I know it won't be us but if anyone wants to do it, feel free.

@jane: same with the youtubes. feel free to post our podcasts on youtube, though comments off please... redirect them to the blog for comments. I find that youtube comments are especially inane and this has been a well-described feature of YT comments. Also, they'd have to be broken down into 10-min size pieces, right? And no video, so might not be the best forum. We are planning to try a videocast from G+ Hangouts, so maybe wait and see how this goes.

@fooey: sorry we aren't more pleasing to listen to, but Clink has it right that if it stops being fun, then we will stop doing them. The biggest pain is producing the final files to put on iTunes... listening, editing, show notes, xml files. I did the first 50 and now Anne and Dinah are doing them. This is the way we talk when we don't have a mic, so people either like to listen or they stop. I keep insisting that if we all took an Improv class together we'd be much smoother and less arguing, but I've not had success so far. Anyway, thanks for trying! Know that our hearts are in the right place.

At least @rach likes us (thanks).
And @jesse, glad you found the .mp3 feature. I discovered how to code that (pause, rewind) a few years ago and glad to hear it is still working.

Carrie said...

Roy - I have heard tell that if podcasts were ever transcribed, some would stop doing them. So I don't really wish it - I just very very rarely listen because I can't sit still for one and if carrying on with other things while it's on, I completely stop paying attention, which defeats the purpose. I've tried so hard!! There are many great podcasts that I'd like to listen to, but I just can't do it - if they were 15-20 mins maybe, but that wouldn't allow for much!!