Monday, May 30, 2011

Right About Now, We Need A Duck Break

I showed up at my community's organic vegetable garden to work yesterday morning. I was a little late and people had begun to disperse. A neighbor tossed some spinach my way. Another said, "Larry says we need ducks."

We need ducks? We have a patch of land by some athletic fields. No pond. Are we going to eat the ducks? No, they are going to eat the bugs off the vegetables. Interesting. I'd never heard of this. Larry's raised ducks before? Last week he was talking about chickens. It's all so confusing.
Apparently Larry wants us to research ducks, and so here is what I found:

The photo above, by the way is a picture of ClinkShrink and I together in Hawaii. I'm the duckier duck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hear rev chuck is on his way to give you 1 of his daily devotions! LMFAO!.
If you ask nicely, you might even hear the 5 little ducky song! LOL!