Thursday, May 05, 2011

Our Book That Was...Then Wasn't....

The official "pub date" on our Shrink Rap book is June 1st. It's a nice date. It's been moved back a couple of times....there was that incident where Roy's hard drive exploded with the index on it that threw things off just a little. Then there's the timing about how it takes about a month from the time the books come in to the warehouse until they get to the store shelves. I guess Harry Potter gets a more precise "pub moment." Amazon, we were told, has it's own release date, based on when the books get to them.

On Friday, we were excited to see that Amazon listed the book as "in stock" with a May 4th delivery date! If you ordered then, it went, no "wait...wait...wait." This was exciting as it meant we could tell people the book was "out." The copy I ordered back in January arrived on Tuesday. So last night, I take a look at Amazon, and the after days of 'only 3 left in stock'..."only 20 left in stock"...up and down with no rhyme or reason-- they are now sold out. Not available now, ships in 1 to 3 weeks. Two days and they sold out? I wonder if they sold one to the person who went on after our NPR interview and gave the book a one-star review on May 4th because it "Sounds like more drug promotion" with no indication that he ever read it. And you wonder why I'm tired of being dissed.

Okay, so Barnes and Noble online still has Shrink Rap, same low price of $12.92.

Here's what the publisher and editorial reviewers have to say about our book. Please note that the "hugely popular" designation was not ours!

Editorial Reviews


One of the most useful books I've read about mental illnesses -- and as the father of a son with a severe mental disorder, I've read just about all of them. It demystifies our complicated medical and legal system, explaining everything from 'chemical imbalances' to involuntary commitment procedures to the most recent advances in brain mapping. If you have a mental disorder, love someone who has one, or are a doctor, therapist, social worker, lawyer, judge, or criminal justice professional, you need to read this book.

(Pete Earley, New York Times bestselling author of CRAZY: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness )

In the too-often confusing and fractured world of mental health services, Shrink Rap is a ready resource for patients and their families looking for more insight into the range of services available and how they are delivered.

(Keith Ablow, M.D., psychiatrist, Fox News contributor, and coauthor of The 7: Seven Wonders to Change Your Life )

Product Description

Finally, a book that explains everything you ever wanted to know about psychiatry!

In Shrink Rap, three psychiatrists from different specialties provide frank answers to questions such as:

• What is psychotherapy, how does it work, and why don't all psychiatrists do it?• When are medications helpful?• What happens on a psychiatric unit?• Can Prozac make people suicidal?• Why do many doctors not like Xanax?• Why do we have an insanity defense?• Why do people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

Based on the authors' hugely popular blog and podcast series, this book is for patients and everyone else who is curious about how psychiatrists work. Using compelling patient vignettes, Shrink Rap explains how psychiatrists think about and address the problems they encounter, from the mundane (how much to charge) to the controversial (involuntary hospitalization). The authors face the field's shortcomings head-on, revealing what other doctors may not admit about practicing psychiatry.

Candid and humorous, Shrink Rap gives a closeup view of psychiatry, peering into technology, treatments, and the business of the field. If you've ever wondered how psychiatry really works, let the Shrink Rappers explain.


Sarebear said...

I can't wait for my copy to come so I can read and review it!

Anonymous said...

The NPR site says you do a psychology podcast. What's the difference between psychology and psychiatry, again? I can never remember.

Dinah said...

I'll let our friend, Dean, explain the difference between psychiatry and psychology:

We have a psychiatry podcast.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a Kindle edition?

Judith Kastenberg said...

I have my order in!

Anonymous said...

I second what the other anonymous poster said. I have a strong preference for reading on my Kindle, and I do want to read this.