Friday, May 13, 2011

Come Visit Us at APA In Honolulu!

So glad Blogger is back. I was starting to go into withdrawal despite Roy's reassurance that it would be okay!

Aloha! Do come meet us at APA. I've never been to Hawaii before, I'm looking very forward to this.

On Monday, Morning, May 16th at 11 AM, we will be doing a book signing in the Exhibition Hall at the Johns Hopkins University Press at Booth 1424. The Press will be discounting our book to a mere $12, cheaper than you will find it anywhere! Let me further remind you that this may be a tax deductible business expense. Oh, come visit even if you don't want a book! ClinkShrink will be wearing a duck necklace.

On Wednesday morning at 7 AM, we will be giving our workshop called
The Accessible Psychiatry Project: The Public Face of Psychiatry in New Media in Room 326B in the Hawaii Convention Center. If all goes well with the technology, we promise an entertaining multi-media event. It's an early hour, but do bring popcorn anyway.

Ignore what it says on the APA iPhone app about our presentation (they have it listed as 'withdrawn'). We ARE giving it!! I talked to the APA people and they're supposed to fix this.

Dinah just texted me that our presentation info was left out of the conference program! Augh, are we cursed?? We ARE giving the Accessible Psychiatry Project presentation on Weds morning at 7:00 am in room 326b.

On the positive side, the iPhone app is fixed and our presentation is listed correctly there.


jesse said...

Bon voyage, Shrink Rappers! We're looking forward to your blogs from paradise (BFPs). :)

jesse said...

Look at this! Deserves a booth at the APA. >>

One might wonder why the psychics would run a business in which they risk undue attention from the police when they might just start selling advertising outpatient psychiatric benefits for a healthcare insurance company.

Yes, I agree. This was hitting below the belt. But deserved.

jesse said...

In the URL above the correct section is ...nyregion/psychic-is-expert...

the "c" was deleted by error, or the psychic...

Sarebear said...

The large type comes across a leeeetle bit like shouting, not that I want to sound critical, just giving my impression.

It is, after all, an event to be proud of!

Tawny said...

I see that Amazon has shipped and the estimated delivery date here in Maryland is Monday, too. I wish I could join you in Hawaii but I guess the airfare would offset any savings on the book!