Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our readers. Can you believe it's 2011? I remember being a kid and thinking how long it would be until 2000 and thinking I'd never actually be that old.

I almost saw out the Old Year with Roy. We went out to a local pub for the best of Baltimore's crab cakes, and Clink didn't join us, but she did text in that there was a Duck in her Jacuzzi at what ever wonderful vacation spot she's in. A duck in the Jacuzzi and we didn't even get a picture? This from the woman who texts me photos of every mushroom she runs across? We parted around 10, and for the first time in years, I was awake at midnight, drinking champagne and eating chocolate by the fire with family and friends (non-Shrink Rappers)...who came over to see the year out with us.

Shrink Rap will turn five in April. This is our zillionth post (well, not quite, but we're somewhere over 1,300 posts). Our book will be coming out around the same time, if you'd like a preview, it's up on Amazon, but not yet available. We're scheduled to talk at APA in Honolulu this year, but our talk, The Public Face of Psychiatry, has been scheduled at 7 AM on the last day of the conference. Will anyone come? 7 AM???

Finally, this past week, we were mentioned on The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Blog as one of the Top 50 Psychiatry Blogs (I didn't know there were 50 Psychiatry Blogs!)-- do check it out-- and we had a guest post up on Kevin MD, a revised version of our post on How to Find a Shrink.


moviedoc said...

I would be there if I were going to be there, which I'm not. I eagerly anticipate your report on the turnout. The fact is, though you claim your blog is for psychiatrists, my impression is that few of us participate in any blog. What stops them? Snobbery? Hubris? Ignorance? Apathy? Fear?

tracy said...

Happy 2011! Thank you for a great blog!

Oh, no! Where's the duck??????

Sarebear said...

In hot water, Tracy! heh.

Anonymous said...

Dear HBE,
You would like to know why few psychiatrists participate in blogs. Most are running busy practices, doing research, and juggling their own family responsibilites; they are far too busy. Not to say that these three shrinks are not, but don't forget that at least one of them was busy looking for ways to monetize the blog years ago, and after much hard work, he has figured out a way. His momma would be proud! As to other blogless doctors, aside from being too busy, they may just wish to enjoy some of their free time NOT thinking or writing about psychiatry, or even movies featuring psychiatry. I doubt it has much to do with any of what you suggested.
Although the blog cliams to be for psychiatrist, you feel it is not. If the blog were only for the three psychiatrists who maintain it, it still fulfills its mission.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the coming year to the three of you, too! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like your new book is offered in Kindle format. I see Roy provided photos and a bio with his author link. Is the one pic your media shot for the book jacket?

Happy blogging and good look with upcoming book sales!

synergesta said...

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging in 2011!

HappyOrganist said...

Wow, that's really cool! I can't wait to see your book in April =DD
even though you didn't go with my super awesome title ;/


very fun, though. Awesome.
And Happy 2011 to you folks ;)

tracy said...

Sarebear Hee! Good one! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I like the cover of the book! Very nice!