Monday, January 12, 2009

Trapped! And Under the Floorboards, at That!

So Clink and I went to see Roy today. He has a big big screen and if you want to do work as a group, it's really helpful. We wanted to review our Table of Contents for our book proposal, to make sure we covered what we want to cover, to make sure we weren't being repetitive. This is an interesting process just writing a proposal with three people. Roy suggested we might need three keyboards and three mice to control the single huge screen. I suggested that if we did that, we'd also need a gun. Things get a little loud. I'm the least detail oriented of the three of us, and I tend to type fast but not quite as fast as I think, so often my stuff is missing a word here or there. What's the biggy? Roy likes the to be perfectly consistent and he worries over every word. Clink, well, she's more of a big picture type of nun, so she sits there in her habit and only gets bloody once in a while.

So Roy is in a hurry, busy man with obligations to be met. Suddenly, he's handing me a key and telling me we can stay as long as we like, but do lock up. He's off. Clink and I remain, clicking away at our document, and at the end, I'm left with Roy's 75 open documents on the screen, layered and overlapping, and never fully closeable, simply trying to log out of my own e-mail account because I don't want a whole gang of people later having a party over the ridiculousness of what goes on in my life.

We're finally done and Clink and I gather up our junk. Bye to doggy. Out we go. Oh, but we can't get out. There are Two locks on the door and we're twisting and turning for a while. Finally Clink says, "When did he say he's coming back?" Uh, he didn't. We try the top lock and then the bottom lock and some random pulls here. I got stuffs to do. Clink says "This is definitely a blog post." This makes it better. Clink always makes it better. I laugh at the thought, and we're both about to turn back to the mega-screen to start blogging away about being trapped and Royless at Roy's, when the last turn of the lock and pull on the door finally frees us.


Anonymous said...

Good thing there wasn't a FIRE! if there had been, he's have gotten all the ROYalties. :)

Fat Doctor said...

Fabulous post. I love to imagine the three of you together, and this is exactly what I imagined. Friends make the world go 'round, don't they?

Rach said...

I was also trying to imagine this whole thing, and the only thing that came to mind was how much chocolate was being consumed!

I can't imagine writing a book on a big screen - I think it'd put my often diverted and mostly short attention span right over the edge.

Dinah said...

TP: that's as bad as a Clink pun.
FD: Indeed
Rach: No chocolate this time, it was after lunch. And writing together on a big screen puts our always diverted and mostly short attentions spans right over the edge.

ClinkShrink said...

I was thinking we could probably stuff the little dog through the mail slot and send him running for help. Hey, it worked for Timmy.