Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's an exciting weekend here in Maryland.

ct Barack Obama is here speaking before he goes to Washington. I left my youngest person to stand in the cold and watch him (I'm warm at home, happy to watch on TV). I will be taking Tuesday off from shrink life to go to the inauguration in Washington. Crushing crowds, porta-potties, and a day filled with Hope.

If that's not enough, everything here is drenched in purple for the Ravens vs. Steelers AFC championship playoff game.

I'm a fan by marriage, so sure, I'm Wacko for Flacco.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting to DC and seeing anything. It's going to be a madhouse down here! I hope you got tickets on the MARC train and aren't going to try and drive in. If you plan on seeing the parade, make sure to get in line EARLY. They're going to cut off the line at about 300,000 people. I hope you get to see everything you want to see and good luck navigating your way through the crowd of millions.

I'm not insane enough to go anywhere near DC on Tuesday. Luckily, I get the day off thanks to the innauguration and don't have to work in DC that day (yeah 5 day weekend!). I'm going to be happy just sitting at home in a warm house watching it on tv. But I hope you have fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

I ENVY your going to the inauguration! Just to be in the crowd, regardless of whether you see anything should be electrifying! It's just the sort of event I love, but it seemed beyond possibility to go there from California.

I "marched on" Washington in 1969 to end the Vietnam war and it was unforgettable to be there in a crowd with a common cause. My friends and I stayed in Arlington, Virginia and took a train into D.C. extremely early and it was really pretty easy despite the crowds. Wikipedia says there were 600,000 present. The feeling of the crowd was inspiring then and I think it will be Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I changed my mind. A video on the Washington Post website there will be 20 million people converging on Washington D.C. TWENTY MILLION!